Enhancing Window Safety: Precision Calculations with Caluwin for Manufacturers and Architects

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Caluwin, the free online tool, emerges as a safety net for window manufacturers, insulating glass manufacturers, architects, and energy consultants seeking accurate Uw values and simulation tools for pressure-equalized insulating glass units.

Navigating the intricacies of window design, whether for wood, plastic, or aluminum frames, double or triple glazing, demands precision in calculating energy efficiency, condensation risks, and potential mold formation. Caluwin, a robust online tool, has become a trusted companion for professionals in the window and insulating glass industry, providing reliable Uw values and a simulation tool for pressure-equalized insulating glass units. This versatile tool, utilized by leading companies like Glas Herzog, aids in documenting energy savings, assessing window performance, and ensuring pressure equalization to prevent climate load damage.

Glas Herzog GmbH, a prominent insulating glass unit supplier, emphasizes the importance of quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Managing Director Andreas Herzog junior highlights their positive experience with Caluwin, especially in simulating the impact of Swisspacer Air on large glasses at different heights. The ease of use and comprehensive functions make Caluwin a valuable resource for advising customers, presenting alternatives, and delivering reliable recommendations, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Caluwin’s impact extends beyond national borders, proving its effectiveness internationally. It calculates various energy ratings in different countries, determines efficiency classes for passive house windows according to Passive House Institute Darmstadt guidelines, and operates in 17 languages. Over the past three years, 765 individual users from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, and beyond have leveraged Caluwin’s capabilities. Accessible online and as an app for iOS and Android devices, Caluwin continues to empower professionals in the fenestration industry globally.

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