Enhancing Quality Control: Softsolution’s 4 LineScanners Automate Inspection at HG-Glas

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Enhancing Glass Quality: HG-Glas Adopts Cutting-Edge LineScanners

Glass, a material renowned for its elegance and functionality, holds a pivotal role in industries, architecture, and automotive sectors. Ensuring its quality and correctness is paramount. One company dedicated to meeting these exacting standards is Belgian-based HG-Glas.

Armed with state-of-the-art machinery and an extensive glass inventory, HG-Glas has recently integrated four horizontal LineScanners from Softsolution into their operations. These cutting-edge scanners play a crucial role in inspecting processed and tempered glass, scrutinizing it for defects at the grinding and drilling line following the washing process.

The seamless integration of LineScanners into the Lisec line and ERP system empowers efficient data exchange and communication across different systems. Every piece of scan data is meticulously stored in the archive system, accessible at any time for reference.

Softsolution’s LineScanners represent the pinnacle of glass inspection technology. They autonomously evaluate the glass’s surface quality, edge precision, and dimensions. This automated inspection system acts as a gatekeeper, detecting even the minutest irregularities before the glass enters the tempering furnace. The result: unparalleled quality in the final products.

To further optimize their operations, HG-Glas has implemented the Archive database, ensuring scans and evaluations are readily accessible in their knowledge database. This strategic move minimizes critical workflow disruptions during production. Additionally, they have chosen the Management Console, providing real-time insights into machine status, thus enhancing their commitment to delivering top-notch glass quality.

The wealth of data collected not only ensures top-tier quality but also enables HG-Glas to identify trends and pinpoint potential areas for improvement. This data-driven approach underscores their dedication to continuous enhancement.

In embracing Softsolution’s cutting-edge LineScanners, HG-Glas takes a significant step forward in setting new standards for quality assurance in the glass industry.

Source:  HG-Glas with additional information added by Apazone

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