Enhanced Protection: BOST® Safeguards Every Glass Piece at Production’s Finale

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Innovation: BOST® Revolutionizes Glass Quality Control

In the world of glass production, maintaining pristine quality is paramount. Yet, as glass sheets leave the production lines, they face a silent menace: weathering reactions. Initially imperceptible, these reactions lead to surface roughness, staining, and ultimately, a defective product.

Unveiling the Culprit: Glass Mildew

Weathering begins when glass reacts with atmospheric moisture, leading to Alkali Precipitation. As pH levels rise, alkali attacks the silicate network, causing erosion, rainbow stains, and reduced transparency.

The BOST® Solution: Anti-Stain Interleaving Powder

1. Enhanced Stability: BOST® Anti-Stain Powder enhances chemical stability, ensuring glass structure integrity.

2. Process Optimization: From furnace atmosphere to annealing, BOST® optimizes every stage, enhancing glass surface stability.

3. Cost-Effective Application: BOST® Anti-Stain Powder, applied through spraying, offers an efficient, economical solution.

4. Superior Adsorption: Perfect adherence minimizes wastage, ensuring optimal utilization and worker safety.

5. Tailored Solutions: With 20+ products and custom machinery, BOST® provides precise solutions for every plant.

Innovation at Its Core

Backed by a dedicated lab and a legacy of trust, BOST® continues to innovate. For over 15 years, we’ve been the choice of industry giants, occupying 70% of China’s glass production lines.

Partner with Excellence

Discover the future of glass quality control. Contact Shenzhen BOST® for tailored solutions.

Tel: +86-755-26650157

E-mail: bost001@bostglass.com

Source: BOST® New Material with additional information added by Apazone

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