Enhance Home Security: XtremeDoor Composite Doors by Vista Panels – Your Ultimate Defense Against Burglaries

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Combat Home Burglaries Effectively with XtremeDoor: Vista Panels’ Answer to the Rising Crime Rates

In the face of alarming statistics revealing an average of 525 home burglaries occurring daily in the UK, homeowners are turning to innovative solutions to safeguard their properties. Fabricators and installers, recognizing the urgency of this demand, are now armed with XtremeDoor composite doors from Vista Panels. These doors, equipped with superior security features, not only provide much-needed protection but also offer a competitive advantage in an evolving market.

XtremeDoor composite doors boast a formidable five-point locking system, featuring two hooks and three deadbolts, ensuring maximum security for homeowners. The inclusion of an anti-snap, bump, and drill-resistant cylinder further fortifies these doors, standing up to common burglary techniques. Validating their robust security, Greater Manchester Police subjected XtremeDoor composites to rigorous testing, and even an enforcer tool failed to breach their defenses. Designed with Secured by Design accreditation, these doors adhere to strict standards endorsed by police authorities nationwide.

Ian Smith, Vista’s Sales and Marketing Manager, emphasizes, “The recent surge in home burglaries, as highlighted by the Office for National Statistics, underscores the imperative for enhanced security measures. At Vista, our commitment is unwavering in providing customers with products that offer exceptional security features. XtremeDoor composite doors empower fabricators and installers to grant homeowners peace of mind, knowing their properties are fortified against intruders. Our doors have not only met but surpassed industry standards, proving impenetrable even under extreme circumstances. We take pride in setting new benchmarks and assisting our customers in staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market.”

Beyond their unparalleled security attributes, XtremeDoor composites deliver additional benefits such as energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. These factors make them the ideal choice for homeowners seeking a perfect blend of style and safety. As crime rates rise, XtremeDoor stands as a reliable ally in the quest for home protection.

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