Encirc Clinches Diageo Supplier of the Year 2023 Award

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Encirc, a Leader in Glass Manufacturing, Secures Prestigious Diageo Supplier of the Year Award

In a resounding triumph for Encirc, a distinguished name in the realm of glass manufacturing, the company has been honored with the coveted Diageo Supplier of the Year 2023 Award. This remarkable achievement was announced at Diageo’s third Global Brand Supply Procurement Supplier Awards, where Encirc secured its place among the eight overall award winners. The Supplier of the Year accolade is a testament to the exceptional contributions of external partners in advancing Diageo’s business objectives and fostering the growth of its renowned brands.

Adrian Curry, the Managing Director of Encirc, expressed his elation at the news, stating, “It was great news to learn of the award win, and we are delighted that Diageo has recognized the innovative approach we put into giving our customers the very best service possible.” This triumph is particularly significant as it marks the second time in three years that Encirc has been bestowed with the Supplier of the Year honor from Diageo.

Encirc’s success is not only attributed to its commitment to maintaining high standards but also to its forward-thinking approach and dedication to delivering unparalleled service to customers. The award serves as a fitting acknowledgment of the hard work put in by the entire workforce, comprising 2,200 individuals dedicated to excellence in the glass manufacturing industry.

Rob Turvey, Sales & Marketing Director at Encirc, shed light on the company’s unique approach, stating, “We bring a ‘yes can do’ attitude to business, and I think that resonated with Diageo.” Encirc’s focus on a customer-centric approach has set it apart, making a significant impact on Diageo and contributing to its overall success.

In addition to winning the Supplier of the Year title, Encirc was also a finalist in three other categories, showcasing the company’s multifaceted excellence. The accolade is a massive pat on the back for the entire workforce, emphasizing Encirc’s role in not just manufacturing glass containers but in making brands that resonate with consumers.

Rob Turvey further highlighted, “We continually say that we make brands not simply glass containers, and this customer-centric approach is just part of what may have set us apart from all others.” The acknowledgment from Diageo solidifies Encirc’s position as a leader in the industry and underscores the effectiveness of its holistic and collaborative approach to business.

This triumph also aligns with Encirc’s broader commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. The company has actively participated in initiatives with Diageo and Glass Futures to advance decarbonization plans for the business and the industry at large.

As Encirc looks back at this significant achievement, it serves as a beacon of excellence and an inspiration for the entire glass manufacturing industry. The company’s dedication to innovation, high standards, and customer-centric practices positions it as a valuable partner for companies like Diageo, contributing not only to their success but also to the sustainability and growth of the industry as a whole.

Source: Encirc with additional information added by Apazone

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