Encirc Attains Gold Status in BITC Business and Biodiversity Charter

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Encirc Cheshire Factory Earns Gold Level Honors in Business and Biodiversity Charter Awards

Encirc, the renowned glass manufacturer and bottle filler, proudly announces a remarkable achievement – its Cheshire, UK, factory has clinched the prestigious Gold Level in the Business and Biodiversity Charter awards, presented by Business In The Community (BITC).

Championing Biodiversity Through Transformation

This extraordinary accolade stems from the remarkable transformation of over 2 kilometers of local woodland near the Cheshire site. It underscores the Cheshire site’s unyielding dedication to responsible business practices that bolster biodiversity conservation. Notably, this honor is seldom conferred outside of Northern Ireland, making Encirc’s achievement all the more exceptional.

A Commitment to Biodiversity Conservation

To secure this esteemed award, Encirc meticulously demonstrated its action plan aimed at addressing and enhancing its impact on biodiversity in the Cheshire region, including its effects on local wildlife.

Matt Tait, Chair of the Biodiversity Committee at Encirc’s Cheshire plant, expressed his elation, stating, “To achieve Gold Level with our first application was a fitting reward for our very proactive Biodiversity Committee at Encirc. We have also received great support for our activities from the executive committee at Encirc, and Aimee Brown did a superb job in bringing together all the strands of the application to meet the criteria for the accreditation.”

The Biodiversity Oasis: Encirc’s Woodland Walk

At the heart of Encirc’s biodiversity mission lies the on-site Woodland Walk, spanning an impressive 2 kilometers. What was once an under-managed area has been transformed into a thriving ecosystem. Employees from various walks of life contributed to this transformation by planting trees, a symbolic act to offset the carbon footprint of those attending a trade show. The Woodland Walk further evolved with the installation of picnic benches and the creation of an open meeting space. Encirc has also formed crucial partnerships with Mersey Forest and local ecology groups to gain a deeper understanding of the thriving local biodiversity.

Biodiversity: A Vital Piece of the Sustainability Puzzle

Biodiversity at Encirc isn’t just a standalone endeavor; it’s a pivotal element of the company’s overarching mission to decarbonize glass bottle production. This ambition takes center stage with the launch of ZE30, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at producing zero-emission glass containers by 2030, a testament to Encirc’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Matt Tait aptly concluded, “We have achieved the Gold Level, and now our committee will sit down to craft a strategy aimed at attaining the Platinum Level. This essential work for our community and all its residents continues.”

Source: Encirc with additional information added by Apazone

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