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EMS Group Unveils EASYROCK: Revolutionizing Pallet Packaging Removal

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Revolutionizing Glass Handling: EASYROCK by EMS Group

In the ever-evolving landscape of glass manufacturing, EMS Group stands out as a pioneer of innovation. Their latest creation, EASYROCK, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing customers with high-performance and sustainable solutions. EASYROCK is a robotic unwrapping system designed for the automatic removal of shrink film from loading units of hollow glass, a crucial step before de-palletizing.

Replacing Manual Risks with Automated Precision

Traditional methods of film removal involve manual labor, which comes with inherent risks. Plant personnel use cutting tools, navigate ladders, and move around handling conveyors. These activities pose safety hazards, and there’s always the potential for items to fall from the load unit. Enter EASYROCK, a game-changer in glass handling.

Elevating Safety and Efficiency

By installing EASYROCK at the in-feed of de-palletizing lines, EMS Group not only enhances the overall safety of the working environment but also boosts line efficiency and flexibility. Let’s explore some of the key features that set EASYROCK apart:

  1. Load Unit Analysis: EASYROCK is equipped with a sophisticated system that performs a preliminary analysis of the load unit (LU). This analysis includes assessing the product incline and shrink film integrity.
  2. Key Data Acquisition: The system also gathers crucial data about the LU, which is essential for the proper management of all subsequent operations.
  3. Versatile Handling: EASYROCK has the capability to handle different LU formats without the need for operator intervention, offering unmatched versatility.

Sustainability at Its Core

EASYROCK goes beyond safety and efficiency; it also places sustainability at its core. The system utilizes a motorized rotating blade cutting system that not only ensures the product and layer pads’ integrity but also reduces energy consumption. By minimizing the use of heating elements or hot air blowers for film cutting, EASYROCK makes a significant contribution to reducing environmental impact.

The Multifunction Head: A Patent-Pending Marvel

At the heart of EASYROCK lies the patent-pending multifunction head. This innovative component can perform film pick, cut, and removal tasks seamlessly in a single station, streamlining the unwrapping process like never before.

EASYROCK by EMS Group is a revolutionary solution that is poised to transform the glass processing industry. It not only enhances safety and efficiency but also prioritizes sustainability in its design and operation. As EMS Group continues to lead the way in innovation, EASYROCK is a shining example of their commitment to excellence in glass handling technology.

Source: EMS Group with additional information added by Apazone

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