Empowering Sustainability and Energy Conservation: Insights from Committees at NGA Glass Conference – Tacoma

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NGA Forming Committee: Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives

The NGA Forming Committee took center stage during the conference, updating attendees on various sustainability initiatives that are making a significant impact. Key among them are the global warming potential limits set by the Buy Clean California and Buy Clean Colorado programs. The NGA remains dedicated to working closely with stakeholders to ensure progress in these critical initiatives. Additionally, the NGA’s Recycling task group is diligently crafting educational tools that shed light on the mathematics and science behind recycling architectural glass. By breaking down barriers and promoting recycling, the industry moves towards an even greener and more sustainable future.

Emphasizing Advocacy for a Greener Future

The NGA Advocacy Committee left no stone unturned in advocating for the glass industry’s crucial role in sustainability and energy conservation. During the NGA Glass and Glazing Advocacy Days, which took place in March in Washington, DC, committee members engaged in positive discussions with members of Congress, representatives from the DOE, and EPA. The focus was on creating meaningful connections with legislators, covering topics such as sustainability, school security, workforce development, and bird-friendly glazing. Notably, Representative Morgan Griffith [R-VA] reintroduced the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 3781) in June, gaining support from five other representatives. This bill directs the GSA to incorporate strategies that significantly reduce bird fatalities resulting from collisions with public buildings.

Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC): Strengthening School Security

Safety is paramount, and the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC) is devoted to ensuring that architectural glass, glazing materials, and glazing systems meet the highest safety standards. GICC collaborates closely with NGA’s code consultants to build awareness and acceptance of glass products as safe, efficient, effective, and economical construction materials. The committee’s efforts also extend to addressing school security through building code proposals, emphasizing the importance of secure and resilient glazing systems.

Responding to Requests for Public Comment

The NGA’s ad hoc strike force team actively responds to public comment requests. Throughout 2023, the team has provided valuable input on initiatives such as Low Embodied Carbon Material Standards for the Inflation Reduction Act and challenges related to increasing material circularity. By participating in these crucial discussions, the NGA demonstrates its commitment to shaping a more sustainable future for the glass industry.

NGA Fabricating Committee: Empowering Through Skills Training

As we look ahead, the NGA Fabricating Committee introduces an exciting initiative: MyGlassFabTM. Set to launch this fall at GlassBuild America, MyGlassFabTM offers comprehensive and accessible skills training for glass fabrication production personnel. This educational platform combines interactive courses with hands-on activities, empowering professionals with the expertise they need to excel in the field. Additionally, the NGA recognizes the importance of language diversity and is proud to announce Spanish translations of the NGA’s Glass Technical Papers (GTPs) on cleaning installed glass. These translations aim to promote best practices and caution against using razor blades to clean heat-treated glass, as it may cause scratches.

Energy Initiatives and Daylighting: Shaping a Brighter Future

The NGA remains at the forefront of energy-related initiatives. The Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) holds great promise as a benchmarking tool for sustainability data. To further refine this powerful resource, the NGA seeks additional volunteers for testing and shaping the EC3. Daylighting, with its health and wellness benefits, is one of the NGA’s key focal points. The NGA proudly presents a new AIA presentation on Daylighting, designed to shed light on the significance of natural light in architectural design. The NGA’s dedicated task group is actively drafting a Thermal Comfort AIA presentation, aiming to set new standards for thermal well-being within the industry.

Laminated Glazing and Fire-Rated Glazing Advancements

The NGA is committed to continuous improvement, and the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual is currently undergoing updates to incorporate the latest developments in the field. Additionally, the GTP Fire-Rated Glazing 101 will be published in August, offering comprehensive insights into fire-rated glazing applications. The NGA recognizes the significance of wired glass in fire-rated and safety glazing applications and is dedicating resources to address this critical aspect.

Protective Glazing: Making Buildings Safer

Safety is of utmost importance, and the NGA takes it seriously. The organization, in collaboration with expert consultants, presented Bird-Friendly Legislation, outlining strategies to reduce bird fatalities caused by glass collisions with buildings. Additionally, a panel discussion led by the NGA delved into school security applications and compliance with new state legislation. Experts provided invaluable insights into surface-applied film and testing to enhance forced-entry resistance in fenestration systems. This collaboration ensures that the entire supply chain is reflected in the resources created for improved safety.

Insulating: Striving for High Performance

The vacuum insulating glazing (VIG) task group is actively working on a new AIA presentation to expand the existing NGA technical papers. The NGA proudly presented Thin Triples, DOE Initiatives, highlighting its commitment to high-performance goals and DOE research to implement thin triples effectively.

Mirror, Decorative, and Tempering: Innovating with Excellence

Innovation and excellence are ingrained in the NGA’s values. The organization is currently working on a new Mirror Reference Manual that covers all aspects of mirror applications. Additionally, a task group is focused on developing guidelines for the quality of digitally printed glass and best practices for digital printing. Furthermore, the NGA remains dedicated to updating the GTP on Heat Soak Testing of Tempered Glass for Architectural Applications, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

Joining Forces – Value Engineering and Benchmarking

The NGA understands the significance of collaboration and synergy within the industry. The Value Engineering task group is actively addressing challenges in implementing new high-performance glazing products. Moreover, a new task group has been formed to create a benchmark paper, analyzing delegated design, design build, and design assist approaches. These initiatives highlight the NGA’s commitment to fostering growth and development within the glazing industry.

Future Meetings and Conferences

The NGA Installing Committee is all set to meet on October 31, 2023, at the Glazing Executives Forum during GlassBuild America in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, mark your calendars for the highly anticipated NGA Glass Conference: Charleston, scheduled for February 6-8, 2024, at the enchanting Wild Dunes-Charleston Island Resort, Isle of Palms, SC. This conference will bring together industry peers and leaders for insightful discussions and collaborations in forming, fabricating, and advocacy committees.



Source: National Glass Association with additional information added by Apazone

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