Empowering Progress: Vetropack Straža Joins Forces with KOER Virtual Power Plant

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Vetropack Straža Empowers Croatia’s Energy Future through KOER Virtual Power Plant Integration

In a groundbreaking move towards a greener future, Vetropack Straža, Croatia, has officially become a crucial player in the operation of the KOER virtual power plant. This collaboration signifies a robust commitment to enhancing the stability of the Croatian energy system and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Active Participation in the Electricity Market

The KOER virtual power plant serves as a unifying force, seamlessly connecting producers, consumers, and battery storage systems within the Croatian power system. This innovative platform empowers end-users to actively engage in the electricity market while aiding the Croatian Transmission System Operator in efficiently managing and balancing the power grid.

Vetropack Straža’s Commitment to Sustainability

Mario Berc, the Director of the Technical Sector at Vetropack Straža, underscores the company’s proactive stance towards sustainability. Beyond joining initiatives like Science Based Targets and the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition program, Vetropack Straža continually enhances energy efficiency and invests in renewable sources. Notably, the installation of two solar panels atop the finished goods warehouse generates 1 GWh of electricity annually, dedicated to producing compressed air.

Flexibility for a Balanced Energy System

Berc emphasizes Vetropack Straža’s role in providing production process flexibility, crucial for maintaining the balance of the Croatian electricity system. This not only supports the immediate energy needs but also aligns with the broader goals of transitioning Croatia towards a more sustainable energy system.

KOER’s Pioneering Virtual Power Plant

KOER stands as a leader in energy innovation, pioneering Croatia’s first virtual power plant. Marko Lasić, Director of KOER, highlights the significance of collaboration with companies like Vetropack Straža, envisioning new opportunities for economic sustainability in renewable energy sources.

Shaping Economic Sustainability

Marko Lasić underscores the potential for economic sustainability in renewable energy, positioning Vetropack Straža as a vital contributor to Croatia’s green evolution. Together, they are driving positive change in the energy sector, setting new standards for innovation and sustainability.

Vetropack Straža proudly joins the KOER virtual power plant, marking a milestone in Croatia’s energy transformation and exemplifying the strength of strategic collaborations in shaping a more sustainable future.

Source: Vetropack  with additional information added by Apazone

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