Emirates Glass Boosts Capacity and Quality with Glaston Jumbo Series Investment

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Emirates Glass, a key player in the architectural glass industry, reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence with the installation of the Glaston Jumbo Series flat glass tempering line.

In a significant move to enhance its manufacturing capabilities, Emirates Glass has invested in the cutting-edge Glaston Jumbo Series flat glass tempering line featuring Vortex Pro convection technology. The company, a prominent entity in the glass industry and a longstanding supporter of Glaston technology, aims to elevate the quality and efficiency of its architectural glass solutions for both regional and global markets.

Since its establishment in 1997, Emirates Glass has played a vital role in Dubai’s architectural landscape, contributing to the glazing of iconic buildings and securing its position as a key industry player. With Rizwanulla Khan at the helm as Executive President, the company has been a driving force in the Middle East’s glass industry for over four decades.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

Rizwanulla Khan emphasizes the dynamic evolution of the glass industry in the Middle East over the last two decades. The demand for high-performance double- and triple-glazed insulated glass products with minimal emissivity has become a norm. Furthermore, the trend towards oversized glass panels, especially for corporate showrooms, is on the rise. Addressing these shifts, Emirates Glass has been proactive in meeting market requirements.

Expanding to Jumbo Glass with Glaston

To meet the evolving market demands, Emirates Glass consistently invests in cutting-edge machinery. The latest addition, the Glaston Jumbo Series tempering furnace with Vortex Pro convection technology, represents a significant step forward. This state-of-the-art line can process high-performance coated glass with impressively low emissivity levels and a maximum glass size of up to 8 meters.

Achieving Remarkable Differences

The Glaston Jumbo Series, operational since November 2020, has made a considerable impact on Emirates Glass. Notable improvements in optical quality and refined aesthetic glass characteristics have been achieved, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. The advanced convection control and the Glaston iLooK online quality control for distortion and anisotropy have played crucial roles in achieving these remarkable differences.

A Long History Together

Rizwanulla Khan, with over 40 years of experience working with Glaston’s equipment, acknowledges the enduring partnership. Glaston’s commitment to updating its machine portfolio aligns seamlessly with the evolving advancements in glass processing technology. The exceptional after-sales support from Glaston has been a key element of their successful collaboration.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Emirates Glass envisions continuing its tradition of excellence. With the recent investment in the Glaston Jumbo Series furnace, the company is poised to adapt to evolving industry trends and innovate solutions for high-performance architectural glass. Rizwanulla Khan expresses the commitment to developing energy-efficient glass solutions and special products, further transforming regular buildings into architectural masterpieces.

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