Embracing Success: Reflecting on STRATO®’s Six Months Triumph and Exciting New Horizons Ahead

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Breaking Boundaries: STRATO®’s Six-Month Triumph and Visionary Initiatives Unveiled!

In a testament to unmatched quality, STRATO®’s EVA Interlayer product range proudly receives the prestigious 100% Made in Italy Certification. Awarded by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, this accolade guarantees the Italian origin and superior quality of STRATO®’s products. This certification, marked by a unique progressive reference code and hologram label, emphasizes the commitment to authentic Italian craftsmanship.

STRATO® Rigido: Where Innovation Meets Structural Brilliance

Introducing STRATO® Rigido, a structural interlayer redefining standards. With certified hardness as per EN 16613, STRATO® Rigido enables the lamination of thinner glasses, enhancing sustainability and structural integrity. The range now boasts an array of vibrant colors, diverse dimensions, and multiple thicknesses. Plus, its non-hygroscopic nature ensures easy storage and reduced environmental impact.

STRATO® EVA Carbon-Free: Paving the Way for a Greener Future

STRATO®’s commitment to the environment shines through with its Carbon-Free EVA range. Following rigorous analysis adhering to ISO standards, STRATO® proudly emerges as the best European carbon-neutral product range. Garnering the ISCC PLUS certification with an impressive score of 1.13 [kg CO2 eq], STRATO® sets a benchmark for a sustainable future. This environmental profile not only reduces carbon footprints but also aligns with global efforts toward a zero-carbon footprint by 2050.

Innovation Takes Flight: Satinal’s Revolutionary Solar PV Encapsulants Hub

Satinal, a trailblazer in innovation, announces a groundbreaking €40M investment in a cutting-edge Solar PV EVA films manufacturing plant in Italy’s Apulia Region. This strategic move strengthens the STRATO® SOLAR division, producing EVA, POE, and TPO encapsulants for solar panels. With a planned annual production capacity of 10 GW and an emphasis on sustainability, Satinal’s innovation journey continues.

Satinal: Pioneering Excellence in Safety Glass

Satinal Spa stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of safety glass. As the first EVA film production site in Italy, Satinal is synonymous with 100% Made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. With a dedicated focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Satinal delivers tailored solutions and unmatched technical support.

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