Embrace the Inevitable with Thermoseal Group: Unleashing Innovative Solutions

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Meeting the Future Homes Standard: Triple Glazing Revolution by Thermoseal Group

Discover how Thermoseal Group is leading the way in meeting the thermal requirements of the upcoming Future Homes Standard, set to take effect in 2025. Explore the significant opportunities that triple glazing offers for sealed unit manufacturers and learn how Thermoseal Group is empowering the industry with innovative solutions.

Rising Performance Expectations

As the government aims to achieve its net-zero carbon target by 2050, the Future Homes Standard imposes stricter U-value requirements on windows and doors. With a glazed area exceeding 60% in newbuild homes, U-values of 0.9W/m2K or lower become mandatory. Thermoseal’s Sales Director, Mark Hickox, sheds light on the challenges faced by window designers and fabricators and the need for high-performing products.

Embracing Triple Glazing

While triple glazing offers superior thermal performance, the industry has been slow to adopt it. Mark Hickox explains how the reluctance stemmed from concerns over resource allocation, weight, and hardware requirements. However, as U-values continue to decrease, triple glazing becomes essential for achieving optimal thermal efficiency in British window designs.

The Road to Readiness

Thermoseal is committed to meeting the growing demand for triple glazing by investing in advanced manufacturing capabilities. With the ability to produce and distribute spacer widths of 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm, alongside corner keys and desiccants, Thermoseal ensures preparedness for the forthcoming surge in triple glazing demand.

Leading Warm Edge Spacer Bar

Thermobar, Thermoseal’s popular warm edge spacer bar, takes center stage. Renowned for its ultra-low thermal values and PassivHaus approval, Thermobar is manufactured and distributed from Thermoseal’s state-of-the-art facility in Wigan. The company also produces Thermoflex flexible spacer bar, further enhancing their comprehensive product range.

Reliable Products, Rigorous Testing

Thermoseal guarantees the compatibility and durability of its sealed unit components through rigorous laboratory testing. From corner keys and desiccants to primary and secondary sealants and cloth tape, all products are meticulously assessed to ensure they work seamlessly together, resulting in long-lasting sealed units.

Preparing for Success

With two years remaining before the implementation of the Future Homes Standard, Thermoseal emphasizes the importance of early preparation. Companies that proactively adapt their operations and collaborate with reliable suppliers stand to benefit from an increased workload and doubled order books. Thermoseal’s experienced Area Sales Managers are ready to guide customers on this transformative journey, providing invaluable expertise and assistance in equipment selection, production methods, and more.

Take the Leap into the Future

Seize the opportunity to meet the Future Homes Standard head-on. Visit www.thermosealgroup.com or call 0121 331 3955 to learn how Thermoseal Group can empower your business and unlock the potential of triple glazing. Don’t wait—start preparing for a brighter, more energy-efficient future today.

Source: Thermoseal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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