Embark on a Glass Innovation Extravaganza with NorthGlass

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China Glass 2023: NorthGlass Sets the Stage for Innovation and Industry Leadership

The 32nd China Glass exhibition concluded on May 9th, 2023, leaving a trail of groundbreaking innovation and technological advancements in its wake. NorthGlass, at the forefront of glass industry pioneers, captivated exhibitors and visitors alike, shaping the future of the field. With an impressive turnout of 100,000 attendees, including representatives from nearly 900 enterprises spanning 28 countries and regions, this event proved to be a true celebration of innovation and wisdom.

A Distinguished Showcase of Excellence

The inaugural day witnessed esteemed dignitaries and influential figures gracing the NorthGlass booth with their presence. Yan Xiaofeng, Chairman of China Building Material Council; Peng Shou, CAE Member, Vice Chairman of Chinese Ceramic Society, and Chairman of Triumph Group; Chen Guoqing, Vice Chairman of China Building Material Council; Xu Yongmo, Chief Supervisor of Chinese Ceramic Society; Jin Zhanping, Vice Chairman of Chinese Ceramic Society; Song Lixin, Vice Chairman of Chinese Ceramic Society; and Zhang Baiheng, Chairman of China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, along with representatives from government bodies and trade promotion agencies from Italy, Germany, and other nations, all converged at the NorthGlass booth. Mr. Gao Li, Vice Chairman and President of NorthGlass, warmly welcomed and introduced the guests to NorthGlass’ remarkable research and development innovations in glass deep processing equipment and products. The highlights included the triturbo fan, NorthGlass light-stone unit wall, and the construction of intelligent glass factories. The association leaders lauded these advancements, praising NorthGlass for its unwavering commitment to innovation.

A Customer-Centric Approach to Success

Throughout the exhibition, NorthGlass demonstrated a keen focus on customer needs, offering personalized and high-quality services. The NorthGlass booth became a bustling hub, attracting numerous customers seeking insights and solutions. Over the course of the four-day event, NorthGlass engaged with more than 1,200 customers, totaling nearly 3,000 individuals. Among them were over 200 prospective customers who expressed keen interest in NorthGlass products. Impressively, the company secured 22 on-site orders, a testament to the trust and confidence customers have in NorthGlass.

Pioneering the Intelligent Era

Embracing the dawn of the intelligent era, NorthGlass solidified its dominant position in the deep processing industry by relentlessly driving technological innovation. Showcasing intelligent tempering furnace technology and glass automation connection equipment, NorthGlass garnered widespread attention. Through advanced technology, NorthGlass has achieved intelligent control and optimized management of the glass production process. Furthermore, the R450 semi-round tempered sandwich colored glazed glass, S-shaped curved tempered insulating glass, and light-stone unit wall displayed by NorthGlass sparked immense interest and admiration among visitors, solidifying the company’s reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Source: NorthGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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