eLstar Dynamics Takes the Spotlight at Step Change 2023 – Glastory Event

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Unlocking Tomorrow’s Windows: eLstar Dynamics Shines at Step Change 2023 Series

In the vibrant tech hub of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, eLstar Dynamics is rewriting the narrative of dynamic glass technology. Episode #11 of the Step Change 2023 series witnessed the unveiling of our groundbreaking solution, poised to redefine the market standard.

At eLstar Dynamics, we take pride in offering the most extensive dynamic glass range currently available. From an intense 0.1% black to a luminous 70%, our technology masterfully modulates both visible and infrared light.

Delving into the technology, our solution boasts unparalleled versatility. Anchored by two glass panes adorned with micro-patterned electrodes, electrophoretic paints, charged pigments, enter the stage. This unique composition facilitates dynamic range manipulation effortlessly, offering modularity on a grand scale.

While our solution dances on the cutting edge, its production remains grounded. Utilizing standard LCD factories ensures cost-effectiveness, with production costs a mere fraction of traditional LCD devices. Our adaptability to thin glass pieces further streamlines manufacturing, aligning seamlessly with industry norms.

The next frontier for eLstar Dynamics is integrating our technology into windows. Tailoring our solution to accommodate the window industry’s requirements, including laminations and varied glass thicknesses, opens new possibilities.

Witness the magic in action! Our demo showcases the dynamic glass swiftly transitioning from 0.1% to 65% transparency in under a minute, a testament to both speed and efficacy.

Our economical, pigment-based solution is not confined to black. With the capability to develop various colors, we stand as the only ones able to start with colored material, ending with transparency.

Peering into the future, our technology promises dual modulators—one for light and another for heat. This unparalleled feature enables separate adjustment of visible light intensity and room temperature, a distinctive edge over other technologies.

The Step Change 2023 and GPD platform provide a spotlight for eLstar Dynamics. Amidst the vast exposure, we seek strategic partnerships to propel our technology into windows, replicating the success achieved in LCD factories.

As a startup, our journey includes seeking partnerships to integrate our technology into windows seamlessly. Financial support is crucial to expanding our team, evolving into a larger scale, and accelerating product development.

With industries like architecture, automotive, and electronics expressing keen interest, our technology addresses the diverse needs of black modulators. The journey has just begun, and strategic collaborations will be our accelerators.

Our journey’s milestone is to transform our technology into a credible, mass market-capable dynamic glass solution. Notably, this isn’t merely about dynamic glass; it’s about integrating additional functionalities, such as photovoltaic capabilities, at a comparable cost—ushering in a new era of climate control and efficiency.

Source: Mari Lehtinen | Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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