Elevating Sustainability: NGA Glass Conference Tacoma Spotlights Glass’ Vital Role

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Unveiling Insights: NGA Glass Conference Tacoma Shines Light on Glass’ Sustainability

The NGA Glass Conference: Tacoma, held from July 25 to 27, brought together luminaries from the glass and glazing industry. An assembly of technical leaders convened, spearheading discussions that resonate with the industry’s present and future. Central to these deliberations was the pivotal role of architectural glass in driving sustainability and conserving energy.

Empowering Sustainability: NGA Forming Committee

A Platform for Progress: The Forming Committee took the stage to provide updates on a spectrum of sustainability initiatives. These included insights into the global warming potential limits established by the Buy Clean California and Buy Clean Colorado programs. The NGA remains firmly committed to collaborating with stakeholders to steer these initiatives toward fruition.

A Force for Recycling: The NGA’s Recycling task group unveiled educational tools designed to demystify the math and science underpinning architectural glass recycling. These resources are poised to overcome obstacles that impede recycling efforts. The committee encourages the submission of case studies spotlighting successful architectural glass recycling endeavors.

Championing Advocacy: NGA Advocacy Committee

A Legacy of Influence: Reflecting on the NGA Glass and Glazing Advocacy Days, held in March in Washington, DC, committee members delved into follow-up items. A positive connection between the glass industry and legislators was fostered during these interactions. Notable themes included sustainability, school security, workforce development, and bird-friendly glazing.

A Triumph for Nature: Representative Morgan Griffith [R-VA] reintroduced the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 3781) in June, garnering support from five co-sponsors. This legislation, aimed at minimizing bird fatalities due to building collisions, underscores the industry’s commitment to harmonizing with the environment.

Empowering Fabrication: NGA Fabricating Committee

Nurturing Expertise: Launching this fall at GlassBuild America, the MyGlassFabTM initiative promises to empower glass fabrication production personnel with a consistent skills-training platform. Educational courses supplemented by hands-on activities will equip professionals for excellence in the field.

Empowering Knowledge: Spanish translations of NGA’s Glass Technical Papers (GTPs) pertaining to the cleaning of installed glass are poised for imminent availability. This strategic initiative aligns with promoting the NGA’s resources cautioning against using razor blades to clean heat-treated glass, mitigating the risk of scratching.

A Vanguard of Advancements: The NGA Installing Committee introduces the new Frameless Shower Enclosures Design and Installation Manual. This valuable resource, offered at a discounted rate to NGA Members, illuminates contemporary practices in the realm of frameless shower enclosures.

Steering Toward Excellence: A Unified Vision

The NGA Glass Conference Tacoma stands as a testament to industry unity and visionary thinking. By converging ideas and forging strategic pathways, the conference embodies the commitment to sustainable, innovative, and impactful practices.

For more insights and information, stay connected with the NGA and its transformative endeavors.

Source:  NGA with additional information added by Apazone

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