Elevating Sustainability: Glass for Europe Advocates Ambitious Long-Term Harmonization

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Empowering Sustainability and Logistics: The Revised Weights & Dimensions Directive

European flat glass manufacturers are the lifeline of countless transport operations, striving to deliver their products efficiently while minimizing environmental impacts. However, this pursuit of optimization faces roadblocks due to incongruent transport regulations across the EU, particularly restrictions on trucks exceeding 40 tonnes in some Member States.

The European Commission’s Proposal

On July 11, the European Commission (EC) unveiled a proposal for the revision of the Directive on the Weights & Dimensions of Vehicles, a pivotal moment for the flat glass supply chain. Glass for Europe responded to the EC’s call by embracing the provisions aimed at harmonizing rules within the EU. Still, we also advocate for a crucial enhancement: increasing the maximum weight of trucks equipped with 5 or 6 axles from 40 to 44 tonnes.

A Targeted Solution for Sustainability

Our proposition focuses on expanding weight limits exclusively for flat glass inloader semi-trailers. This targeted approach aligns with the unique design of these trucks, making it a practical and easily monitored solution. More importantly, it holds the potential to slash flat glass transport emissions by an impressive 7 to 10%.

A Unified Vision for International Transportation

We commend the EC for shedding light on the rules governing weight limit increases at the national level. Our stance is clear: if a Member State possesses the infrastructure and legal framework to accommodate higher vehicle weights in domestic transportation, it should extend these allowances to international journeys.

For a Deeper Dive

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our position and explore our consolidated proposals to enhance the directive, refer to Glass for Europe’s updated paper. It not only outlines our vision but also provides the latest data on this critical matter.

Source: Glass for Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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