Elevating Excellence: Tianjin North Glass Achieves Unprecedented Quality Heights Through Cutting-Edge LiSEC Machinery

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China’s Pinnacle of Glass Expertise: Introducing Tianjin North Glass

In the heart of Tianjin, China, stands a beacon of glass innovation and excellence – Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. With a global reputation as a leader in producing expansive glass panels reaching up to an astounding 18 meters in length, this company has etched its mark in the glass processing industry. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and acclaimed projects spanning diverse regions, Tianjin North Glass proudly crafts superior-quality tempered, curved, laminated, insulating, and digitally printed glass within an expansive 100,000 m² production facility.

A Global Footprint of Quality Excellence

Setting its sights on the global stage, Tianjin North Glass impressively exports 70% of its product range to over 100 countries. Key markets such as Korea, Hong Kong, Europe, and the northern United States play host to its exceptional products, driven by the company’s resolute presence and remarkable sales figures. In a pivotal achievement that echoes its dedication to excellence, the “North Glass” brand was recognized as one of China’s foremost brands in 2017, attesting to the impeccable professionalism and quality that define the brand’s offerings.

A Flourishing Alliance: LiSEC & Tianjin North Glass

Reflecting on a collaboration spanning more than two decades, Tianjin North Glass and LiSEC have fortified their partnership since 2002, when the first steps were taken with LiSEC’s machinery for insulating glass production. The marriage of LiSEC’s cutting-edge technology with Tianjin North Glass’s expertise unlocked unprecedented opportunities in the Chinese market. At the core of this collaboration lies the endurance of LiSEC machines, ensuring seamless and continuous production.

User-friendliness further distinguishes these machines, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of Tianjin North Glass. The reliability upheld by LiSEC’s machine and service teams empowers the company to meet and exceed customer expectations on time, elevating overall customer satisfaction.

Quality Embodied: LiSEC Technology Fuels Success

Embracing the pursuit of unwavering quality, Tianjin North Glass invested in a new LiSEC TPA line for insulating glass production in 2021. This state-of-the-art line, comprising an array of precision machinery, underscores speed, accuracy, and elevated automation. At its heart lies the LiSEC TPA-A33, featuring a drum melting pump (DMS-200), dual alternating intermediate storage tanks, and a robust, heated applicator arm. A controlled hydraulics system and a flow control valve ensure meticulous material metering, while a progressive applicator nozzle guarantees precise spacer material application.

The thermoplastic spacer system employed by this line delivers unparalleled thermal insulation and a warm edge for insulating glass. Furthermore, this innovative approach eradicates conventional frame production, streamlining operations and bolstering productivity. The synergy with additional equipment such as the LiSEC VHW for optimal washing results and the AGP-A for gas filling cements the LiSEC TPA line’s status as a pioneering, automated solution for crafting exceptional insulating glass units.

A Glimpse into China’s Glass Future

As automation surges forward, TPA technology emerges as a beacon of promise within China’s glass processing landscape. Aligned with the nation’s growing emphasis on sustainability, the demand for triple-glazed insulating glass units is on the rise. Additionally, curved glass and larger-than-life jumbo units are trends on the horizon. Tianjin North Glass, with its expertise in curved and jumbo glass, anticipates these shifts and is poised for an exciting future. Bolstered by its proficiency and experience, the company gears up for investments, including the acquisition of another TPA line from LiSEC. Through innovation and adaptability, Tianjin North Glass stands ready to meet the evolving demands of the market while delivering exceptional glass products that redefine industry standards.

For inquiries, partnerships, or to explore the captivating world of glass innovation, contact Tianjin North Glass today. Elevate your expectations with the pioneers of glass excellence.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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