Elevating Excellence: FEVE Flaconnage Welcomes a Dynamic New Leadership Team to the Board of Directors

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FEVE Flaconnage: Xavier Gagey Assumes Leadership Role in Shaping the Future of Glass Packaging

FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation, is proud to announce the appointment of Xavier Gagey as the new Chairman of the Flaconnage Board of Directors. This pivotal decision was made during their meeting on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023.

Xavier Gagey: A Visionary Leader

Stepping into the role of Chairman, Xavier Gagey, the CEO of the Pochet Group – a global leader in multi-material packaging manufacturing – brings a wealth of experience and a visionary outlook. Mr. Gagey expressed his enthusiasm for the inherent sustainability benefits of glass, highlighting its endless recyclability and unique ability to preserve product qualities.

Glass: A Material of Distinction

In his statement, Mr. Gagey emphasized the distinct properties of glass, describing it as a material that adds value and premium positioning to products. He underscored the role of FEVE members in providing unparalleled service and professionalism, offering glass solutions that align with the evolving needs of a decarbonized and circular economy.

A Pledge to Innovation and Sustainability

Mr. Gagey conveyed a strong commitment to innovation in glass manufacturing processes, envisioning a leadership role for glass manufacturers in shaping a sustainable future. “For FEVE members, glass is our business, and we will continue to support and innovate glass manufacturing processes for the benefit of the world,” he affirmed.

Transition of Leadership

Taking the reins from the incumbent Mr. Laurent Zuber, General Manager Business Unit West World at SGD Pharma, Mr. Gagey is set to lead the Flaconnage Board into a new era. Mr. Zuber has admirably held this role for the last 5 years.

A Collaborative Leadership Team

Supporting Mr. Gagey in his role is Mrs. Carole Grassi, appointed as the Vice-Chairwoman of the Flaconnage Board. Mrs. Grassi, Chief Commercial Marketing & Innovation Officer in SGD Pharma, expressed her eagerness to collaborate with Mr. Gagey, industry colleagues, and the FEVE team. She emphasized the importance of addressing pharmaceutical sector-specific issues and reinforcing relationships with customers.

Shaping the Future Together

As Xavier Gagey assumes this leadership position, the FEVE Flaconnage Board looks forward to a future shaped by innovation, sustainability, and a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in glass packaging.

Welcome to a new chapter at FEVE Flaconnage, where the visionaries of today pave the way for a sustainable and dynamic tomorrow.

The full press release is available here.

Source: FEVE with additional information added by Apazone

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