Elevated Standards for Impact and Cycle Testing of Windows, Doors, and More Unveiled by FGIA

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Enhancing Window and Door Resilience: FGIA’s Revised Specification for Impact and Cycle Testing

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) continues to lead the way in fortifying window, door, skylight, and sliding glass door performance. In a significant update, FGIA has refreshed its specification, AAMA 506-23, offering a robust system to evaluate the capacity of these products to endure impact and pressure cycles, commonly associated with hurricane conditions. This key document, available for purchase through the FGIA online store, brings the industry up-to-date and aligns with recent standards.

Aligning with Industry Standards: AAMA 506-23’s 2023 Update

The revised AAMA 506-23 standard aligns harmoniously with the latest NAFS-22 standard. With an eye on facilitating national acceptance, the update holds particular importance for regions like Florida and Texas. Certification and listing of fenestration products by independent agencies now stand as a testament to their windborne debris resistance and broader performance capabilities. In addition to safeguarding against debris, products are designed to ensure optimal air infiltration, water resistance, and structural performance—a complete package ensuring compliance with project-specific Performance Grade (PG) requirements.

Wide-ranging Inclusivity: Covering All Framing Materials

AAMA 506-23 is all-encompassing, extending its influence across all fenestration products, regardless of framing materials. This inclusivity underscores FGIA’s commitment to improving the entire industry.

Accessible Resources: Purchase and Stay Ahead

Available at a discounted rate of $20 for members and $60 for non-members, AAMA 506-23 and other FGIA documents can be acquired through the online store. And for those seeking comprehensive standards, the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS), referencing AAMA 506, is also readily obtainable.

For a deeper insight into FGIA’s impactful efforts and ongoing initiatives, explore FGIAonline.org. Discover how FGIA continues to shape the future of fenestration and glazing.

Source: FGIAonline.org with additional information added by Apazone

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