Elevate Your Sports Experience with Okalux and Glas Trösch Glass Solutions

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Outstanding Sports Campus featuring glass from Okalux and Glas Trösch

For the past four years, the new Technical University of Munich Campus in the Olympic Park (CiO) has been under construction, transforming the historic Munich Olympic Park into a state-of-the-art educational and sports facility. Leading architectural practice Dietrich|Untertrifaller has overseen the development of the campus, which boasts impressive features such as 14 sports halls, 12 lecture theatres, 300 offices, 15 diagnostics rooms, 5 workshops, and a cafeteria and library. As the largest wooden building in Europe, the campus is an outstanding sports venue that prioritizes energy efficiency and maximizes the use of natural daylight, thanks to the exceptional glazing solutions provided by Okalux Glastechnik and Glas Trösch.

A Modern Landmark in the Olympic Park

The decision to award the 1972 Summer Olympics to Munich sparked a significant modernization program in the city. One of the most iconic structures to emerge from this period was the Olympic Stadium, designed by Behnisch & Partner, featuring a distinctive tent-like roof. Inspired by this architectural landmark, Dietrich|Untertrifaller designed the Campus in the Olympic Park building with a remarkable 19-meter cantilevered canopy. The design not only pays homage to the Olympic Stadium but also emphasizes sustainability and functionality by incorporating wood and glass as primary construction materials. In addition to the roof structure, the sports halls and institute areas are built using wood, enabling fast assembly due to high levels of prefabrication. The two-story building complex seamlessly integrates into the architectural landscape of the Olympic Park, replacing older sports halls while adding lecture theatres and diagnostics rooms.

Harnessing Natural Daylight with Okalux 3D Roof Glazing

The interior of the Campus in the Olympic Park boasts a sense of light, freshness, and generosity, with all facilities connected by a central axis known as the “Rue intérieure.” The roof, equipped with Okalux 3D insulating glass, plays a vital role in creating a pleasant and glare-free environment flooded with natural daylight. The three-dimensional, highly reflective sun protection grid integrated between the glass panes prevents direct sunlight from entering the building, ensuring consistent illumination levels throughout the sports and exercise areas, including the impressive 14-meter-high indoor climbing center. The slats, made of highly reflective aluminum, provide excellent solar reflection coefficient, while maintaining a uniform appearance without seams or joints. The Okalux 3D grid allows for maximum light transmission of 85 percent, significantly reducing the need for artificial lighting and resulting in energy savings. Furthermore, the system requires minimal maintenance due to its protected location between the panes.

Triple-Glazed Insulating Glass for Energy Efficiency

To maximize transparency and daylight penetration through the exterior facade, Dietrich|Untertrifaller opted for SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 70/35 with EN2plus triple-glazed insulating glass from Glas Trösch. Covering a total area of 2100 square meters, the triple-glazed units significantly contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. The high-quality SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal coating minimizes energy consumption by reducing heat transfer and offers excellent light transmission of 62 percent, creating a well-lit interior with abundant natural daylight. The glass also provides effective protection against solar heat gain, as demonstrated by its low solar heat gain coefficient of 33 percent. Its outstanding color neutrality ensures seamless integration with the architectural design, enhancing the overall harmony of the Campus in the Olympic Park.

A Successful Collaboration for Remarkable Results

The collaboration between Okalux and Glas Trösch has played a crucial role in the successful realization of the TUM Campus in the Olympic Park. The innovative glass solutions provided by these industry-leading companies have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the campus but also contributed to its energy efficiency, sustainability, and the well-being of its occupants. The combination of Okalux’s OKASOLAR 3D roof glazing and Glas Trösch’s SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 70/35 with EN2plus triple-glazed insulating glass has created a remarkable learning and sports environment that truly embraces the power of natural light.

Building Details:

  • Project: TUM Campus in the Olympic Park
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Architect: Dietrich|Untertrifaller Architekten
  • Client: Staatliches Bauamt München (State Building Authority Munich)
  • Completed: 2023
  • Products:
    • Okalux: OKASOLAR 3D
    • Glas Trösch: SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 70/35 with EN2plus triple-glazed insulating glass

Source: Okalux/Glas Trösch with additional information added by Apazone

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