Elevate Your Living Space with Guardian Glass™ ClimaGuard™ 55 Residential Glass – Unveiling a New Era of Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency!

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Introducing ClimaGuard™ 55: Guardian Glass™ NA’s Cutting-Edge Coated Glass

Guardian Glass™ North America has proudly unveiled its latest innovation – ClimaGuard™ 55 coated glass, a game-changer in the world of residential window manufacturing. This extraordinary glass sets new standards in the mid-Visible Light Transmission (VLT) category by offering an unparalleled Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). In a world where energy efficiency is paramount, ClimaGuard 55 takes the lead with its exceptional performance.

Meeting Stringent Energy Standards with Ease

Designed to meet ENERGY STAR® Version 7.0 compliance in the Southern, South-Central, and North-Central regions of the United States, ClimaGuard 55 coating is a double-silver marvel with triple silver performance. Boasting a remarkable 55% visible light transmission, a U-Value of 0.243 for outstanding thermal insulation, and a best-in-class solar heat gain coefficient of 0.258, it sets the bar high for energy-efficient glass solutions.

Aesthetic Brilliance Meets Functionality

ClimaGuard 55 not only delivers on performance but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of homes in warm climates. It provides a subtle, neutral look while effectively blocking solar heat and glare without darkening interiors, ensuring bright, inviting spaces and unobstructed views. For even greater efficiency, pairing ClimaGuard 55 with Guardian ClimaGuard IS 20 interior surface coating further reduces solar heat gain and U-Value.

“A Future-Proof Investment”

Darlene Aldred, Residential Segment Marketing Manager at Guardian Glass Americas, states, “Because ClimaGuard 55 will help keep homeowners ahead of the latest sustainability standards, it will bring value for years to come.”

Suresh Devisetti, Director of Product Management at Guardian Glass Americas, emphasizes the innovative nature of ClimaGuard 55: “This launch is a good example of creative destruction in action where trading good product for better performing product to proactively deliver a next-gen product with notable improvements to solar heat gain and thermal performance.”

ClimaGuard 55 Specifications at a Glance

  • Standard IGU Configuration: Surface #2
  • Triple-pane IGU: Surface #2 and/or #5
  • Available Sizes: 72″ x 84″, 72″ x 96″, 96″ x 130”, and 96″ x 144″
  • Thickness Range: 2.3mm–5mm
  • Can be heat-treated and tempered for safety and thermal stress resistance

Seamless Integration, Minimal Modification

Guardian Glass experts are ready to assist manufacturers and builders in seamlessly incorporating ClimaGuard 55 into their projects, ensuring compliance with new codes with little to no modification of window designs. This breakthrough product is set to redefine the future of residential glass solutions, offering unprecedented energy efficiency and aesthetic brilliance.

Experience the future of residential glass with ClimaGuard 55 from Guardian Glass™ NA – where innovation meets sustainability, and your home is at the forefront of energy conservation.

Source: Guardian Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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