Elevate Your Interior with Quadratti: OmniDecor’s New Decorated Glass Designed by Egidio Panzera

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New Decorated Glass by OmniDecor and Egidio Panzera Architect: Introducing Quadratti

OmniDecor has unveiled its latest collaboration with Egidio Panzera Architect at the Fuorisalone 2023 event. The partnership has resulted in the creation of Quadratti, a new decorated glass surface that has been added to the DecorFlou® Design collection by OmniDecor.

The design features a chequered texture that is achieved through a well-balanced overlapping of small squares and rectangles, providing a contemporary and versatile look. The impeccable workmanship of OmniDecor combined with the expertise of Egidio Panzera Architect has resulted in a product that is suitable for a variety of applications, including office spaces, meeting rooms, stores, showrooms, the contract industry, hospitality, interior design, and public venues.

Quadratti creates captivating optical effects that change with different lighting, and the back painting can be experimented with in various color variants. The showroom in Milan at Via Cerva 23 provides the perfect setting to witness the many experiments starring decorated glass.

With Quadratti, OmniDecor and Egidio Panzera Architect have produced a unique and high-quality product that is perfect for adding privacy and beauty to any space.

Source: OmniDecor with additional information added by Apazone

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