Elevate Sustainability: Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Unite to Champion Low Carbon Façades

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Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Building Systems: Pioneering Low Carbon Façades for a Sustainable Future

Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Building Systems, industry leaders renowned for their commitment to sustainability, have joined forces to spearhead the market’s transition towards low carbon façades. By incorporating circularity principles into their designs, these two companies are revolutionizing the building industry, offering solutions that prioritize both environmental consciousness and architectural excellence. With a focus on leveraging low embodied carbon products, such as the groundbreaking Saint-Gobain Glass ORAÉ® glass substrate and Hydro Building Systems’ Hydro CIRCAL® 75R aluminum façade products, this partnership is set to transform the landscape of sustainable construction.

ORAÉ®: Redefining Glass Substrates with Unparalleled Carbon Efficiency

ORAÉ® introduces a cutting-edge glass substrate with the world’s lowest carbon footprint. Its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reveals a remarkable verified carbon footprint value of 6.64kg CO2 eq./m² for a 4mm substrate, marking a groundbreaking 42% reduction compared to the European baseline clear glass offered by Saint-Gobain Glass. This extraordinary achievement is made possible by employing renewable electricity and incorporating 64% recycled content in the production process.

Hydro CIRCAL® 75R: Unrivaled Aluminum with Minimal Carbon Impact

Hydro CIRCAL® 75R, launched in 2019, stands as a prime quality aluminum solution crafted from a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap aluminum. It boasts one of the world’s lowest carbon footprints, weighing in at just 2.3 kg CO2/kg of aluminum. This exceptional product showcases Hydro Building Systems’ unwavering commitment to sustainability, offering an eco-conscious option without compromising on quality or performance.

Driving Towards a Low Carbon Future

Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Building Systems, which encompasses esteemed brands like TECHNAL, WICONA, SAPA, DOMAL, and HUECK, are deeply dedicated to sustainable development. They are ardent advocates for assisting developers and specifiers in constructing buildings with lower embodied carbon, ultimately contributing to a greener future. Currently, buildings are responsible for a staggering 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with 11% arising from the materials and construction processes and an additional 28% stemming from operational building emissions.

Through extensive analysis of façades, a comprehensive life cycle assessment study estimates that combining Hydro CIRCAL® 75R façade systems with ORAÉ® products, such as the remarkable COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® solar control glass, could potentially reduce the embodied carbon of building façades by up to 50%. This groundbreaking synergy represents a pivotal step towards achieving greater sustainability within the construction industry.

Embracing Urban Mining and Circular Practices

In tandem with their circularity-focused approach, Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Building Systems have embarked on significant endeavors to foster urban mining partnerships across Europe. Both companies have implemented initiatives to collect and recycle end-of-life aluminum and glass, showcasing their commitment to circularity and resource preservation. By actively engaging in these practices, Saint-Gobain Glass and Hydro Building Systems endeavor to forge partnerships with like-minded stakeholders, conduct extensive research to develop increasingly sustainable products, and consistently lead the way by surpassing regulatory requirements.

For more information about Saint-Gobain ORAE®, please visit https://www.saint-gobain-glass.com/products/ORAE.

To explore the benefits of Hydro CIRCAL® 75R, visit [https://www.hydro.com/en-FR/aluminium/products/low-carbon-and-recycled-aluminium/low-carbon

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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