Elegant IG Unveils New Calibration Center for Sparklike Handheld™ in Australia

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Empowering ANZ.SEA Glass Industry: Elegant IG Launches Sparklike Handheld™ Calibration Center in Australia

In a significant development for the glass industry in the Australia-New Zealand-Southeast Asia (ANZ.SEA) region, Elegant IG proudly introduces its newly inaugurated Calibration and Service Center for Sparklike Handheld™ devices. Operated by Elegant IG, the authorized center offers maintenance and calibration services, providing a convenient solution for customers across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Elegant IG’s Commitment to Excellence: Elegant IG, with a rich history spanning 28 years in IGU consumables and machinery, celebrates the establishment of its calibration center as a milestone in its dedication to the ANZ.SEA glass industry, particularly in Insulating Glass Units (IGU). Acknowledging the evolving standards and the increasing demand for higher-quality units, Elegant IG positions itself as a reliable partner in providing unparalleled support and expertise. With a focus on optimizing results in IGU manufacturing, the calibration center reinforces Elegant IG’s commitment to comprehensive solutions.

The calibration center’s inception aims to simplify processes for customers, offering time and cost-efficient calibration services locally. By minimizing device downtime, Elegant IG ensures uninterrupted manufacturing operations, aligning with the industry’s demand for enhanced quality control measures. As a trusted partner in the glass industry, Elegant IG empowers its customers with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic landscape, delivering superior-quality products without compromising efficiency or productivity.

Sparklike and Elegant IG: A Mutually Exciting Partnership: As we embark on the journey of 2024, Sparklike expresses mutual excitement about the collaboration with Elegant IG and the launch of the new calibration center. Positioned as a strategic move, the partnership signifies a closer relationship between Sparklike and Elegant IG, benefiting customers within Elegant IG’s market area. The geographical proximity promises enhanced customer satisfaction, quicker response times, and strengthened support. Sparklike looks forward to a successful year, confident that the partnership will bring substantial benefits to all stakeholders involved.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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