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Efficient and ergonomic frame mounting at Glas Kühnel

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LISEC RSV-MHS-B: Revolutionizing Frame Mounting at Glas Kühnel

Glas Kühnel, a leading insulating glass manufacturer based in Gangkofen, Germany, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing operator ergonomics and productivity by investing in a new LiSEC insulating glass line. The line includes a frame mounting station with assembly aid, making it easier for operators to mount the frame and ensuring efficient production.


Established in 1950 by Gerhard Kühnel, Glas Kühnel began as a small glazier’s shop in Gangkofen, which later moved to the industrial estate in 1992 to start insulating glass production with a LiSEC line. In 2008, the company added a second LiSEC insulating glass line, and in 2012, it doubled its operating area. In 2021, Glas Kühnel invested in a new LiSEC insulating glass line, enabling it to produce large and thick sheets of up to 5×3 m.

Glas Kühnel has built an impressive reputation for producing double and triple insulating glass, stepped glass, glass lites sheets for sound insulation, thermal insulation, and solar protection. Thanks to the company’s flexibility and ability to customize its products to individual customer needs, it can offer very short delivery times and often produce the order on the same day it is placed.


Mounting the frame on large glass sheets can be a daunting task for operators. However, the LiSEC mounting station for spacer frames with assembly aid has made this process much more straightforward and ergonomic. With the new assembly aid bar, operators no longer need to climb a ladder and place the frame on the upper edge. The bar descends, and the frame is placed on the stops, aligned to the centre from both sides using the clamps, and finally pressed against the glass at the upper edge.

The height-adjustable roller beams of the mounting station automatically adjust to the height of the glass edge, and with the RSV-MHS-B, four side steps are possible. The stops’ adjustment is automatic, and the mounting station can accommodate shapes with ease. Additionally, the opening roller shutters for large glass sheets and installed LED lighting make it easier for operators to inspect the glass sheets.


Glas Kühnel remains committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. Florian Kühnel, one of the managing directors, emphasized the importance of remaining up-to-date with the latest technology and further expanding their customer base to remain a reliable supplier.

The investment in the new LiSEC insulating glass line with a frame mounting station is a significant step forward for Glas Kühnel in enhancing productivity and operator ergonomics. With the LiSEC RSV-MHS-B, frame mounting is now more straightforward and ergonomic, enabling operators to work more efficiently. As Glas Kühnel looks forward to the future, it remains committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers while keeping up with the latest technology.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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