Eastman Fuels Advanced Interlayer Expansion with Unyielding Support

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Empowering Progress: Eastman Elevates Interlayer Excellence

Eastman, a stalwart in the industry, reaffirms its commitment to meet the surging global demand for specialized interlayer products. By bolstering its regional service capabilities and investing in cutting-edge assets, Eastman continues its unwavering support for glass laminators seeking high-performance solutions.

Pioneering Upgrades for Future Growth

In response to both regional and global demands for Saflex™ polyvinyl butyral (PVB) products, Eastman proudly announces a comprehensive feasibility study. This study aims to upgrade and expand the extrusion capabilities, ensuring the production of top-notch interlayers in Europe. These initiatives represent Eastman’s dedication to driving quality, reliability, and exceptional services for our valued Automotive and Architectural partners.

Innovation Fuels Tomorrow’s Solutions

Sabine Ketsman, the visionary Division President of Films at Eastman, expressed the company’s enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to explore avenues to fortify our Eastman asset footprint, ensuring consistent high quality and reliability for our Automotive and Architectural clients. Moreover, we aim to leverage Eastman’s innovation prowess to bolster our partners, supporting their growth aspirations and steering them toward sustainable solutions. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the ever-changing trends in Automotive and Building & Construction sectors.”

Stay tuned as Eastman embarks on this transformative journey, revolutionizing interlayer technology and empowering the future of Automotive and Architectural excellence.

Source: Eastman  with additional information added by Apazone

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