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Driving Success for A+W Customers with Innovative Solutions

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A+W Converge 23: Influencing the Future of Software

Customers attending Converge 23 in Nashville had the opportunity to directly influence the next generation in software.

Customers from around the United States gathered the first week of May 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee, for A+W’s biennial User Conference (Converge) to connect, network, and learn from A+W experts and each other.A+W’s theme this year, “Innovating for Tomorrow,” showcased how the company develops software solutions that solve customer’s toughest challenges.Innovation initiatives at A+W are driven by the needs of their customers, allowing the company to shape products, functions, and supported systems to meet future requirements.

A+W, as an industry leader on the innovation curve, strives to deliver software solutions like A+W Smart Companion, A+W iShape, and A+W Smart Delivery to increase customer productivity and generate greater value with the same input.

Sebastian Dick and Steve Mason provided an in-depth look at A+W’s innovation initiatives, starting with A+W Smart Companion, a scanning software that acts as a mobile information terminal, improving efficiency from the front office to delivery.Attendees discovered A+W’s initiatives around A+W Smart Delivery, A+W iShape, Augmented Reality (AR), and more, showcasing the company’s commitment to addressing bottlenecks and information gaps on the shop floor.

A+W’s presentations covered crucial topics such as IT threats, security, customer service, capacity planning, and shipping logistics, aiming to educate customers and provide actionable insights for enhanced optimization and a brighter future.In-person presentations and discussions proved invaluable in Nashville, emphasizing the significance of personal connections between providers and customers, fostering knowledge expansion, networking, and driving potential growth.

To learn more about A+W’s innovative software solutions and join the next exciting User Conference, please contact Josh Rudd or Chris Kammer.

Source: A+W Software with additional information added by Apazone

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