DORAGLASS Boosts Automotive Production with Glaston’s HTBS & RC Tempering Solutions

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Glaston to deliver cutting-edge glass processing solutions to DORAGLASS

Leading glass processing technology provider Glaston has secured an order for an advanced HTBS line for bending and tempering and an RC Series line from Turkish OEM customer DORAGLASS. The order was booked in Q4/2022 and the equipment is set to be delivered in Q4/2023.

DORAGLASS, which has been producing high-quality automotive glass for more than 30 years, has relied on Glaston’s technology since the beginning. With the latest acquisition, DORAGLASS aims to enhance its capabilities in the automotive tempering sector and meet customer needs.

The HTBS line offers flexibility and high-end product quality, enabling glass processors like DORAGLASS to fulfill market requirements, including lightweight automotive glazing with a positive impact on fuel economy, passenger safety, and driving comfort. Furthermore, the convection heating technology of HTBS and RC Series offers a cost-effective solution to optimize energy consumption in glass tempering, allowing for significant savings, even with low bed utilization rates.

“Glaston has been a trusted solution partner for us for over three decades, responding to ever-changing market needs. We’re happy to enable DORAGLASS to expand its capacity and capabilities in serving customers in an increasing urban transportation field,” said Robert Prange, SVP Automotive and Display Technologies at Glaston Corporation.

With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Glaston continues to be a top choice for glass processors seeking to deliver top-notch glass products to their customers.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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