Distinction Doors Expands Market Reach with fds: Unlocking New Horizons in Composite Fire Door Solution

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Secure Opportunities and Peace of Mind with fds: Distinction Doors Unleashes a Robust Composite Fire Door System for Wider Accessibility

Distinction Doors, a well-established player in the UK and Ireland, introduces fds, a fully compliant FD30 internal and external composite fire door system, poised to redefine possibilities in the fire door market. Having already made its mark in homes across the region, fds is now available to a broader audience, presenting fabricators and installers with a wealth of opportunities in the expanding fire door sector. Elliott Dawson, Commercial Manager of fds at Distinction Doors, emphasizes the strategic move, stating, “Our fds customers hold a distinct advantage, backed by the reputation of an established brand and a trusted product that provides unparalleled peace of mind.”

For over three years, Distinction Doors has been actively shaping awareness and delivering a consistent, robust composite fire door solution. Recognized for its reliability, fds has gained widespread acceptance, offering stakeholders the assurance they seek in fire door systems. Elliott Dawson expresses the brand’s commitment, saying, “The time is right to open fds up to a wider audience. We’ve been active in the market for more than three years now, building awareness and providing a robust and consistent composite fire door solution.”

Distinction Doors invites all interested parties to explore fds, whether considering becoming an approved manufacturing partner or looking to procure the fabricated doorset. With an established and trusted brand, Distinction Doors assures fabricators and installers that they have the expertise and knowledge to navigate and succeed in the fire door market.

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