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Satinal Group: The International Partner for Furnaces and Ovens for Glass Lamination

Satinal Group is a globally recognized partner in designing and constructing furnaces and ovens for lamination, tempering, chemical tempering, and Heat Soak Testing of glass. With a commitment to quality and safety, the Bresciani family-led Satinal Group has recently installed one of its best technological solutions, the TK furnace model Lamijet 02, in the state of New York.

This new collaboration is a testament to Satinal Group’s continuous growth and expansion, making it a reference for the design and construction of furnaces and ovens for glass lamination, tempering, chemical tempering, and Heat Soak Testing with the TK brand. Moreover, the Group is recognized as a leader in the lamination of design glass with STRATO® EVA Range, entirely made in Italy.

TK’s approach to customizing solutions in close collaboration with its clients sets it apart from other market operators. Exclusively relying on the best Italian technology and European components, TK prioritizes human and professional relationships and focuses on meeting its clients’ actual needs to achieve tangible, lasting results.

To provide the best personalized solutions, TK applies a tested methodology that involves a 360-degree approach to all design steps, from aligning with customer requirements to equipment design and development, on-site and remote installation, and service.

For more information, please contact Satinal Group at or visit their website at

Source: Satinal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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