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Building a Sustainable Community: Les Verges Eco-Neighbourhood

Les Verges eco-neighbourhood in Switzerland is setting new standards for sustainable living, and at the heart of this innovative residential project lies the carefully planned and Minergie-ECO-certified public facilities designed by Sylla Widmann Architectes SA. Located on the outskirts of Geneva, these exceptional buildings not only serve the community but also establish a strong connection with the picturesque Jura mountains.

Creating a Harmonious Environment: Schools, Gymnasium, and More

The eco-neighbourhood boasts a technical school, an elementary school, a gymnasium, and various social infrastructure facilities. These public amenities play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for both students and residents alike. Designed as a permeable and pavilion-like ensemble, the structures feature a combination of concrete and wood, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings.

Connecting Spaces and Communities with Glas Trösch

To encourage interaction and foster a sense of community, the buildings incorporate the use of Glas Trösch’s remarkable 4-season insulating glass, SILVERSTARSELEKT. This high-performance glass not only offers exceptional thermal insulation but also provides a visually appealing connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The generous application of Glas Trösch’s innovative glass solutions creates a welcoming atmosphere and promotes neighborly connections within the eco-neighbourhood.

As the Les Verges eco-neighbourhood continues to thrive, the integration of sustainable architecture and Glas Trösch’s cutting-edge glass solutions reinforces the commitment to ecological living, community well-being, and the seamless integration of nature and design.

Source: Glas Trösch with additional information added by Apazone

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