Discover the Timeless Best Seller: Lammy System 2 from R.C.N. Solutions

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Lammy System 2: The Most Versatile and Upgradable RCN Laminating Kiln

RCN Solutions’ Lammy System 2 is the ultimate solution for customers looking for a versatile, upgradable, and long-lasting RCN laminating kiln. This machine has been the top choice among other options for years due to its unmatched upgrade capacity and various sizes to choose from.

Transforming into Lammy System 2+2, Lammy System 4, Lammy System 4+2, Lammy System 4+4, and more, depending on the customers’ needs, this kiln can be customized to enhance production without the need for a new one, except for a different size.

Equipped with lamination bags and the RCN patented system for clean edges, the Lammy System 2 is served by one lifting platform with a load capacity of 2000 kg and horizontal and vertical movement. The PLC is completed by the RCN EASY CONNECT application to provide easy process control and remote assistance. Additionally, a conveyor can be added for easy glass loading directly into the laminating bag.

Customers can rest assured that the Lammy System 2 has a long life and can easily be re-sold if they decide to buy a larger kiln. It’s one of the reasons why RCN Solutions rarely has second-hand machines available in stock.

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your laminating kiln. Contact RCN Solutions today to learn more about the Lammy System 2 and take advantage of its versatility and upgradability.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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