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Safer Façades for Birds and Better Sustainability with 4BIRD®Lami by Saint-Gobain Glass and Eastman

As cities continue to grow, the impact on local bird populations is becoming a growing concern. That’s why Saint-Gobain Glass, a leading manufacturer of glass products, has been working to create bird-friendly glazing solutions that offer both thermal efficiency and high performance. Their latest innovation is 4BIRD®Lami, which combines Saint-Gobain’s COOL-LITE® solar control glass with Eastman’s Saflex® FlySafe ™ 3D PVB interlayer.

This combination of high-performance products provides an effective solution for bird protection and energy efficiency. With a threat factor of 10 or less, meaning that over 90% of birds avoid the tested glass, 4BIRD®Lami is one of the most effective solutions on the market. In addition, it meets the bird protection criteria of the LEED green building certification label.

The new product offers the same level of protection as previous products in the 4BIRD® line, such as 4BIRD®Frit and 4BIRD®Etch. However, 4BIRD®Lami provides a more efficient and sustainable solution that maintains the aesthetic appeal of glazed facades. The low external reflection and color-neutral appearance of COOL-LITE® products combined with a discreet pattern create an excellent combination of function and aesthetics.

Moreover, the product offers several combinations to suit any architectural project requiring durable bird protection without compromising on solar protection or safety. Several COOL-LITE® solar control products in annealed or to-be-tempered version can be used, offering a wide range of solar factors. Saflex® FlySafe ™ 3D PVB interlayer is also compatible with select Saflex® PVB interlayers for enhanced security, acoustic, or structural functions.

4BIRD®Lami has been tested in Europe and validated in North America, providing the best results in terms of both bird protection and energy efficiency. The product is a major breakthrough in the field of façades and is a great step towards creating sustainable and bird-friendly buildings.

At Apazone, we understand the importance of sustainability and bird conservation, and we are proud to offer our clients products that reflect these values. For more information about 4BIRD®Lami, please visit or

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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