Discover Şişecam’s Presence at the Intersolar Europe Fair: Embracing Solar Innovation

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Şişecam Showcases Innovative Solar Glass Products at Intersolar Europe 2023 Fair

Şişecam, a leading provider of glass solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Intersolar Europe 2023 Fair. Taking place in Munich from June 14th to 16th, the fair will serve as a platform for Şişecam to showcase its cutting-edge solar glass products designed for the renewable energy sector.

Unveiling Revolutionary Solar Glass Technologies

At the fair, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Şişecam’s solar glass products, renowned for their exceptional quality and functionality. The company will feature its Sandy and Prism patterned solar glasses, specifically engineered for photovoltaic modules. These innovative products offer excellent performance and contribute to the sustainable growth of the solar energy industry.

Introducing Solar Mirror: Maximizing Solar Energy Reflectivity

Şişecam is proud to introduce its latest product, Solar Mirror, at the Intersolar Fair. This groundbreaking solution boasts a remarkably high solar energy reflectivity, making it ideal for maximizing energy conversion in solar applications. With its advanced design and superior performance, Solar Mirror promises to revolutionize the efficiency of solar panels.

Unparalleled Performance with Anti-Reflective Coating

To further enhance the performance of its solar glass, Şişecam applies a special Anti-Reflective coating to the glass surfaces. This innovative coating significantly reduces light reflections, thereby increasing light transmission and overall panel efficiency. By harnessing this technology, solar panels equipped with Şişecam’s solar glass achieve optimal performance and exceptional energy output.

Durability and Protection in Challenging Environments

Recognizing the importance of durability, Şişecam ensures the strength and resilience of its solar glass through a tempering process. This added layer of strength fortifies the glass against environmental conditions, safeguarding solar panels against the elements and extending their lifespan.

Source: Şişecam with additional information added by Apazone

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