Croxsons Embraces Growth and Innovation with Move to New State-of-the-Art Office Space

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Croxsons Embarks on a New Chapter with Office Relocation in Sutton

Leading glass packaging supplier, Croxsons, has recently relocated its operations from Morden to Sutton, Surrey, setting up their new offices in the town’s historic old post office building. This strategic move aligns with Croxsons’ five-year plan and reflects their commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment.

The purpose-built workspace, meticulously designed by renowned interior design consultancy Blue Jelly, offers a dynamic setting for the Croxsons team. The emphasis on ideation and creativity is evident throughout the premises, encouraging vibrant discussions and providing inspiration. Notably, a bespoke bar has been incorporated, enabling customers to envision how their brands will come to life in real-world contexts.

A Perfect Match: Culture and Workspace

Croxsons firmly believes that their new environment perfectly aligns with their company culture. They are confident that the collaborative atmosphere of the workspace will strengthen their team dynamics and ultimately benefit their valued customers.

Tim Croxson, CEO of Croxsons, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The space is unique – it will exemplify our preferred way of doing business. The appeal of the new office reflects our culture as a cohesive and high-performing team. We work together, progress together, and aspire to greatness. Our environment plays a crucial role in nurturing these values.”

Preserving Heritage, Honoring History

Recognizing the historical significance of the building, Croxsons has paid homage to its past while integrating their contemporary vision. The sales suite proudly displays an old postman’s bike hanging on the wall, and a charming post box serves as a nostalgic reminder of the location’s heritage.

Tim further emphasized, “Moving into this renowned building feels significant. We aim to continue the legacy of this space in our own unique way.”

A Grand Opening Celebration Awaits

Croxsons plans to officially inaugurate their new offices in the summer months, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their journey of innovation and customer-centric excellence. Stay tuned for the unveiling of their remarkable workspace.

Source: Croxsons with additional information added by Apazone

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