Cricursa Elevates Glass Processing to the Next Level

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Cricursa’s Curved Glass Factories Reach New Heights in Quality and Capacity

The La Sentiu and Granollers curved glass factories of Cricursa are operating at their maximum performance levels, producing superior quality curved glass known worldwide. The factories’ operations manager, Favio Ribero, highlights the technological capabilities of the factories’ tempered and multi-laminated glass lines, which can handle all types of curves up to 18 meters with extraordinary precision and finishes.

In addition to the advanced machinery, the ‘human factor’ plays a key role in the factories’ success. The specialized workforce is highly motivated, coordinated, and fully integrated, and Tvitec’s injection of resources across all fields has helped transform the factories into the global factory of architects’ dreams for curved glass manufacture.

The technical department led by Alex Sasplugas in Granollers is one of the best in the world, providing consultancy, engineering, and architecture firms with solutions for highly complex curved glass projects.

Cricursa is set to reinforce its manufacturing capacity in the coming months with two new glass bending furnaces at La Sentiu, bringing the total number of tempering and slumping units between the two factories to 10.

The factories are close to operating at 100% capacity, and the refined industrial and commercial coordination between Cricursa and Tvitec has raised expectations in terms of production, quality excellence, precision, and service.

Contact for any new proposals for both flat and curved glass projects.

The ‘Engines’ Behind the Curves:

La Sentiu:

  • Tempering furnaces, up to 18 meters
  • Multi-laminated glass of high thickness with sentry, butyral, and inserts
  • 2 clean rooms with ISO 7 certification for screen printing and lamination
  • Upcoming installation of two new glass bending furnaces


  • 7 gravity-bending furnaces, up to 18 meters
  • Technical Department for highly complex curved glass solutions
  • 2 screen printing and lamination clean rooms with ISO 7 certification

Cricursa has taken things up a notch in curved glass manufacturing, reaching new heights in quality and capacity.

Source:Tvitec | Cricursa with additional information added by Apazone

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