Create a Stunning Space with Bōru: The New Separè Collection by Lidia Covello and OmniDecor

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Get ready for an exciting new chapter in the world of interior design! Japan has once again captivated the imagination of the renowned Italian brand, OmniDecor, inspiring their latest masterpiece, Bōru by Lidia Covello. The collection will be showcased during the Fuorisalone 2023 event in Milan, and we cannot wait to see it!

Collaborating with Alberto Gaiotto, Lidia Covello has found the perfect location to unveil Bōru – in the OmniDecor.lab showroom, located in via Cerva 23. These screens are more than just dividers – they create a lively scene, adding a touch of glass, color, and mirrors to any space.

Lidia Covello’s emotional attachment to Japan has deeply influenced this project. Bōru was born out of an intimate and urgent need for harmony and freedom, and its shapes and phonetics reflect that. The collection consists of sinuous shapes that exude a discreet and reassuring tone, transparent and fluid like the light that passes through the glass.

Each screen is crafted using two separate sheets of OmniDecor glass (DecorOpal, Bondi, Riga, and Specchio) joined together. The unique design allows the glass to remind us of the importance of observing objects in a contained space, which helps preserve their perception and memory of an experience.

Bōru, along with Yūrei vases and Quadratti, the decorated glass made with Egidio Panzera Architect, will be displayed in the OmniDecor showroom throughout the design week. Don’t miss the chance to witness these beautiful creations that redefine interior design.

OmniDecor is pushing the limits of interior design, offering new finishes, and experimenting with new materials. For example, the Alcova exhibit will also feature other types of Bōru screens designed by Lidia Covello, alongside lamps by Atelier Areti.

Source: OmniDecor with additional information added by Apazone

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