CPS Surpasses Expectations, Celebrating an Array of Remarkable Milestones!

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Canadian Premium Sand Inc. (CPS) Hits Major Milestones on the Path to North America’s First Integrated Patterned Solar Glass Manufacturing Facility

Canadian Premium Sand Inc. (CPS) company achieves several significant milestones in its ambitious endeavor to establish North America’s pioneering integrated patterned solar glass manufacturing facility.

Commercial Success and Agreements

CPS proudly announces the signing of three binding commercial off-take agreements, solidifying its market presence. Additionally, multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) have been successfully executed, opening doors to promising future collaborations.

Engineering Excellence and EPC Agreement

Completing a crucial phase, CPS has concluded the pre-construction engineering and design process with remarkable success. Moreover, a comprehensive turn-key Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) agreement has been inked, ensuring a seamless implementation of the manufacturing facility.

Environmental Approval

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices, CPS has obtained the Environmental Act License from the province of Manitoba, granting the company the authorization to construct and operate the patterned solar glass manufacturing facility. This achievement reflects CPS’s dedication to minimizing its environmental impact while driving the solar energy revolution.

Strengthening the Team

CPS continues to bolster its leadership and expertise. The appointment of a Vice President, Glass Operations, brings invaluable knowledge and proficiency to steer the company’s manufacturing endeavors. Furthermore, the board of directors has been enriched with seasoned professionals possessing deep-rooted experience in the solar energy industry, solidifying CPS’s position as an industry leader.

Securing Financial Support

Emphasizing its commitment to executing its groundbreaking project, CPS has initiated a formal financing process. The company has engaged esteemed financial advisors, Fort Capital Partners and Peters & Co. Limited, to provide expert guidance and support throughout this critical phase. The pursuit of strategic financing ensures the capitalization of the project, enabling CPS to execute its visionary business plan.

CPS President and CEO, Glenn Leroux, expresses his enthusiasm for the remarkable progress achieved, stating, “We are thrilled to reach this pivotal stage in the development of our integrated solar glass manufacturing project. With the assurance of revenue generated from binding commercial off-take agreements and the solid framework established through our EPC agreement, we are confident in our ability to commercialize this high-yield venture, supporting the global energy transition. With our recent additions of industry experts to our team, we eagerly anticipate a successful financing process that will fuel our project and enable the realization of our exciting business plan.”

Source: Canadian Premium Sand Inc. with additional information added by Apazone

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