Ciraylar Boosts Production Efficiency with Osprey 10 Complete by LiteSentry-Softsolution

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Enhancing Quality Standards with Osprey 10 Complete: Ciraylar Invests in Optical Distortion and Anisotropy Measurement

With over 50 years of expertise in glass technology and production, Ciraylar has established itself as a prominent regional producer in various glass categories, including float glass, heat-insulated double glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass.

Meeting High-Quality Demands with Advanced Technology

During the production of tempered glass, the rapid heating and cooling process results in surface compressive stress while the core remains under tension. To ensure precise optical and aesthetic requirements are met, specialized glass types or additional processing steps may be necessary.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining exceptional quality standards, Ciraylar has made a significant investment in the 2440 mm horizontal Osprey 10 Complete system by LiteSentry-Softsolution. This cutting-edge technology stands apart as the only system in the market capable of measuring both optical distortion and anisotropy. Furthermore, the system automatically records and stores data for each glass lite/batch in its software.

Ensuring Reliability and Quality Assurance

By incorporating the Osprey system into their operations, Ciraylar gains continuous control over the tempering quality of their tempered glasses, providing them with reliability and proof of delivering top-quality glass in accordance with customer requirements and industry standards. The system’s report function enables Ciraylar to provide detailed reports, assuring customers of the impeccable quality of their production. This advantage is set to benefit their international clientele as well.

CEO Fahrettin Ciray states, “The Osprey system allows us to maintain consistent control over the tempering quality of our glass, ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality products. With the report function, we can provide our customers with detailed reports, offering proof of our production’s excellence. We are excited to extend this benefit to our valued international customers.”

Source: LiteSentry-Softsolution with additional information added by Apazone

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