Century Aluminum Applauds U.S. Treasury’s New Guidance on Section 45X, Boosting U.S. Primary Aluminum Industry

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Century Aluminum expresses strong support for the recently issued guidance by the U.S. Treasury regarding Section 45X, signaling positive developments for the U.S. primary aluminum sector.

In a significant development for the U.S. primary aluminum industry, Century Aluminum extends its commendation to the U.S. Treasury for its latest guidance on Section 45X. The guidance is poised to have a transformative impact on the domestic primary aluminum sector, fostering growth and resilience.

The U.S. Treasury’s new guidance on Section 45X is particularly noteworthy as it outlines measures to enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. aluminum industry. Century Aluminum, a key player in the sector, welcomes these initiatives, recognizing the potential for positive economic implications.

This move aligns with broader efforts to strengthen domestic manufacturing and reduce reliance on imported aluminum, contributing to the overall economic prosperity of the United States. Century Aluminum emphasizes the importance of such strategic measures in maintaining a robust and sustainable primary aluminum industry.

The guidance is expected to provide critical support to U.S. aluminum producers, enhancing their ability to compete in the global market. It addresses key aspects of the industry, reinforcing the commitment to promoting a thriving domestic aluminum sector.

Century Aluminum is optimistic about the implications of the Treasury’s guidance, emphasizing the collaborative approach required to bolster the U.S. primary aluminum industry. The company looks forward to leveraging these supportive measures to drive innovation, investment, and job creation within the sector.

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