Celebrating Success: New President and Vice-President Launch Oknorec Project in Poland

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PVC Window System Suppliers Celebrate Successful General Assembly and Launch of New Recycling Project “Oknorec” in Poland

Warsaw, Poland – The European Association, representing PVC window system suppliers, recently concluded its highly successful General Assembly, which included the launch of a groundbreaking recycling project called “Oknorec.” Hosted by the Polish Window Association POiD, the event witnessed the introduction of new leadership and an inspiring vision for the future.

Welcoming New Leadership

The European PVC Profile Association (EPPA) expressed its gratitude to outgoing President Carsten Heuer for his exceptional contributions over the past year. Under his guidance, EPPA achieved significant milestones, such as fostering dialogue with European legislators to highlight the importance of PVC windows in sustainable construction. This increased engagement led to informed discussions and a better understanding of the role PVC profiles play in creating a sustainable built environment. In addition, EPPA announced the establishment of two national branches: EPPA Polska and EPPA Germany. These branches will act as vital platforms to further promote the interests of the PVC profile systems industry and strengthen collaboration within their respective regions.

“We have strengthened our organization and intensified our dialogue with key decision-makers on the European level. This positions the association well to take the much-needed next steps to make window replacement a reality in the context of the EU renovation wave,” stated outgoing President Carsten Heuer.

A Vision for the Future

During the General Assembly, former Vice President Alexander Franke from Profine assumed the role of EPPA President, with the support of Götz Schmiedeknecht from Salamander as Vice-President. Together, they outlined three key priorities that will shape EPPA’s endeavors in the coming year:

  1. Accelerating the Implementation of the EU Renovation Wave: EPPA is fully committed to actively supporting the EU’s ambitious renovation wave initiative. By engaging with policymakers, stakeholders, and industry partners, the association aims to expedite the adoption and implementation of energy-efficient refurbishment practices throughout Europe.
  2. Positioning PVC Profile Systems as a Blueprint for Product Circularity: Recognizing the immense potential of PVC profile systems in driving circularity, EPPA will continue to advocate for their sustainable attributes. The association will emphasize the recyclability and durability of PVC profiles, establishing them as a leading example of circular product design within the construction industry.
  3. Enhancing Sustainability Along the Supply Chain of PVC Profile Systems: EPPA is dedicated to fostering sustainability across the entire supply chain of PVC profile systems. By collaborating closely with its members, the association aims to drive innovation, encourage responsible sourcing, and promote best practices that reduce environmental impact.

Moreover, EPPA is committed to intensifying collaboration with its national association members, recognizing the value of unified efforts and knowledge exchange in advancing the industry’s goals. “I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year where we will work to achieve the association’s strategic priorities and drive sustainable growth in the PVC profile systems industry,” affirmed designated EPPA President Alexander Franke.

Celebrating Achievements and Unveiling Oknorec

The General Assembly coincided with the national POID conference in Warsaw, where EPPA played a prominent role by presenting a full conference block on the theme “Why the Green Deal needs PVC Window Systems.” Esteemed guests, including MEP Hetman (EPP), delivered impactful speeches, highlighting the relevance of the Construction Products Regulation and forthcoming legislative requirements for CE Marking of windows.

During the conference, EPPA proudly announced the launch of the OKNOREC PVC window collection and recycling project in Poland. Under the leadership of Marek Karwowski and Karol Pieta, this initiative aims to raise awareness about the recyclability of old PVC profiles from windows. The project’s primary focus is to enhance collection processes for PVC profiles, ensuring their proper recycling and minimizing waste. The OKNOREC project aligns seamlessly with EPPA’s overarching goals within the framework of the VinylPlus Sustainability Commitment 2030. The PVC window system supplier industry is determined to continue building industry-owned takeback networks that keep the PVC from old windows in a closed loop, receiving support from MEP Hetman, who expressed his optimism for the OKNOREC project.

Source: www.eppa-profiles.eu with additional information added by Apazone

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