Celebrating Innovation: Groupe SVR Adopts EnduroShield’s X-Line Machine

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Setting a New Benchmark in Glass Innovation

Toronto, ON – September 12, 2023Groupe SVR, a powerhouse in the Canadian glass fabrication industry, has raised the bar once again. The company proudly announces the seamless integration of the cutting-edge EnduroShield X-Line automatic glass coating machine into its advanced manufacturing facility. This strategic leap is a testament to Groupe SVR’s unwavering commitment to innovation, operational efficiency, and delivering nothing but excellence to its valued customers.

The Visionaries Behind Groupe SVR’s Success

Founded by Patrick Bouffard and now under the leadership of his son, Raphaël Bouffard, Groupe SVR has evolved from its humble beginnings as a glass installation enterprise to become a premier glass fabricator and distributor in the province of Quebec. The company’s enduring success is deeply rooted in its profound understanding of its customers’ unique requirements.

Mark Rufiange, Production Director at Groupe SVR, emphasizes the company’s customer-centric approach, stating, “We know our customers. We understand their needs. Our steadfast focus on automation underscores our dedication to meeting the exacting demands of our clients, ensuring swift lead times, and maintaining unwavering quality standards.”

Rufiange expands on Groupe SVR’s vision, saying, “We aspire to be the Amazon of the glass industry, prioritizing top-tier custom glass products with unmatched lead times. Our relentless pursuit of automation guarantees consistency, which, in turn, assures exceptional quality and speedy delivery. Our customers’ success is our success.”

A Product Range as Diverse as Their Vision

Groupe SVR’s extensive product portfolio spans architectural glass products ranging from 4mm to 19mm, encompassing a wide array of substrates. Catering to both commercial and residential sectors, the company offers innovative solutions for interior and exterior applications. The decision to incorporate the X-Line into their operations was driven by Groupe SVR’s ceaseless quest for innovation and automation.

Mark Rufiange highlights their positive experience with EnduroShield, stating, “It’s a product in high demand, and the X-Line is a testament to our unwavering belief in its capabilities.”

Rufiange elaborates, “The X-Line’s double-sided application delivers unparalleled consistency, eliminating the margin for error. Its remarkable flexibility means that unlike other machines on the market, there’s no need to wait until it’s fully loaded to make it practical. With the X-Line, we can treat what we want, when we want, averaging just 30 seconds per panel and reinforcing our commitment to swift deliveries.”

EnduroShield’s X-Line: A Game-Changer

Designed by EnduroShield, the X-Line represents a customer-driven design philosophy. Its fully automated vertical system revolutionizes the application of the EnduroShield easy-clean glass coating. Rufiange is confident that the X-Line will seamlessly integrate with Groupe SVR’s existing production equipment, furthering their automation objectives.

Rufiange concludes, “We’re implementing automation across the board, accompanied by an advanced ERP system that will oversee the entire process, including online ordering and processing. To truly become the Amazon of the glass industry, we need tools like the X-Line that tick all the boxes.”

Groupe SVR’s integration of the EnduroShield X-Line signifies a groundbreaking advancement in glass fabrication, promising unparalleled quality and efficiency. Stay tuned as Groupe SVR continues its journey toward transforming the glass industry landscape.

Source: EnduroShield with additional information added by Apazone

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