Celebrating a New Beginning: Twelve Trainees Embark on their Journeys at HORN

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Welcoming the Future: 12 Talented Trainees Begin Their Journeys at HORN

September 2023 – For many young individuals, September signifies the commencement of a significant chapter in their lives as they embark on their vocational training journeys. The choice of the right training company lays the foundation for a prosperous career ahead, making this decision a pivotal one.

HORN, a renowned industry leader, is delighted to announce that this year, 12 exceptional young talents have chosen to commence their vocational training journey with us. These enthusiastic trainees are entering various specialized fields, as outlined below:

  • Metalworkers in Construction Technology: 4 trainees
  • Electronics Technicians in Industrial Technology: 4 trainees
  • Architectural Draughtsmen: 2 trainees
  • Technical System Planners for Supply and Equipment Technology: 1 trainee
  • Office Management Assistant: 1 trainee

At the onset of their training, our CEO, Stephan Meindl, extended a warm and hearty welcome to these 12 young men and women, extending his best wishes for a fruitful and successful start to their journeys. The initiation of their training program not only covered essential organizational aspects but also included an in-depth tour of our various company facilities and departments, thoughtfully guided by our dedicated HORN youth and trainee representatives.

HORN takes immense pride in embracing the professionals of tomorrow into our team. We wholeheartedly wish these talented individuals a promising beginning in this new phase of their lives. Together, we look forward to shaping a bright and successful future.

Source: HORN with additional information added by Apazone

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