Celebrating a Legacy: Reinhold Wenig Bids Farewell to SORG Group

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Celebrating a Legacy: Reinhold Wenig’s Remarkable Journey with SORG Group

In the realm of glassmaking, SORG Group stands tall as a beacon of innovation, combining cutting-edge furnace and batch house design with unparalleled engineering expertise. For glassmakers seeking world-leading technologies, SORG Group emerges as the ultimate destination, offering not just advanced solutions, but a promise of total accountability, optimal design, impeccable services, and seamless delivery.

A Journey Spanning Decades: Reinhold Wenig’s Odyssey

In the intricate tapestry of SORG Group’s history, Reinhold Wenig is a name etched in time. His journey commenced in 1985, collaborating closely with the visionary Nikolaus Sorg. After a brief hiatus, Wenig assumed the role of Commercial Director at SORG Feuerungsbau (SFB). His expertise then extended to becoming the Managing Director of both SFB and Glasofenbau Leipzig. With the inception of SKS, he ascended to the role of CEO, eventually serving as the EME Managing Director.

A Visionary Leader: Shaping SORG’s Tomorrow

In 2021, Wenig orchestrated a pivotal transition, implementing a cutting-edge ERP system across SORG Group. This milestone marked a seamless shift to the next generation, underscoring his commitment to ensuring SORG Group’s enduring legacy.

Reflecting on his journey, Wenig emphasized the collaborative spirit and openness defining SORG Group. His dedication to analyzing processes, responding strategically, and nurturing his employees epitomized his role as a leader. His optimism shines brightly as he contemplates the future of the glass industry, driven by the industry’s intrinsic value, especially in sectors like food, where glass remains indispensable.

A Fond Farewell: Leaving Behind a Strong Legacy

As he bids adieu, Wenig credits his enduring success to the unwavering support of his family, particularly his wife, whose steadfast encouragement allowed him to invest wholeheartedly in his profession. When asked what he’ll miss the most, his response, though humble, encapsulates the universal desire for a fulfilling retirement.

Explore Reinhold Wenig’s Inspiring Journey

Delve deeper into Reinhold Wenig’s profound insights and experiences. Read the full interview on our website, capturing the essence of a distinguished career that has significantly shaped SORG Group’s enduring legacy.

Source: SORG Group  with additional information added by Apazone

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