Celebrating 17 Remarkable Years: Marc Meersschaut Embarks

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Saying Farewell to a Visionary: Marc Meersschaut’s Illustrious Career Comes to a Close

For over 17 years, Marc Meersschaut has been an invaluable part of futronic worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the glass industry. With a primary focus on the vibrant South American market, Marc’s foresight and dedication opened new horizons and unleashed untapped potential. Building strong relationships, engaging in personal conversations, and exploring countless glass factories, he truly immersed himself in the industry.

An Expert Listener and Catalyst for Innovation

Marc’s innate expertise and attentive approach allowed him to gather insightful feedback and exciting product ideas during his extensive travels. Back at futronic’s base in Tettnang, Germany, these ideas were refined by the automation specialists, transformed into reality, and successfully brought to market. However, as all great journeys must come to an end, Marc’s retirement awaits him on July 1st.

Ensuring a Seamless Transition in Expertise

“Marc’s contributions to the Container Glass Division and our overall success at futronic have been immeasurable,” said Michael Preuss, Managing Director of futronic. While bidding farewell to such an exceptional talent is challenging, the company is pleased to announce that Marc’s successor, Michael Maier, has already assumed his role. Having worked closely with Marc for an extended period, Maier is well-prepared to carry on his legacy. Nevertheless, the absence of Marc’s warm presence will undoubtedly be deeply felt by the entire futronic family.

A Life of Exploration and Dedication

Born in Belgium, Marc Meersschaut’s journey took him from studying electrical engineering to teaching in Haiti for four years. Upon returning to his home country, he embarked on a career as a systems engineer. Eventually, he found his way to southern Germany, where he initially led the IT department of a textile company in Ravensburg. In October 2006, Marc joined futronic and began his remarkable tenure.

Fluent in an impressive array of languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Creole, Marc’s international experience and linguistic talents greatly benefited his role as a sales engineer in various global markets. Beyond his professional pursuits, Marc remains connected to Haiti through friendships and charitable endeavors. In his personal life, he finds solace in exploring the world, pursuing thrilling hobbies like mountain biking and climbing, which he looks forward to embracing wholeheartedly in his well-deserved retirement.

Source: Futronic with additional information added by Apazone

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