Building a Strong Partnership: Nanjing Electric Insulators Chooses SORG as Their Trusted Partner

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Nanjing Electric Insulators: Partnering with SORG for Quality and Excellence

Nanjing Electric Insulator Co., Ltd., a prominent player in China’s electrical industry, specializes in manufacturing high-voltage transmission line insulators. With a reputation for excellence, they entrust SORG for their critical glass melting needs.

Meeting Stringent Specifications with SORG Technology

In 2014, SORG received its first order from Nanjing Electric for a regenerative end-port furnace with a working end and two forehearths. The insulators’ glass composition demands meticulous control to meet the specific requirements for direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) insulators. SORG’s technology exceeded expectations, delivering outstanding glass homogeneity, low melting relics, and no inclusions from unmolten batch particles and seeds.

Expanding the Partnership: Another Furnace Commissioned

Nanjing Electric was highly satisfied with the initial furnace’s performance and the exceptional service provided by SORG. As a result, they have commissioned SORG to deliver another all-electric melter, designed to meet China’s new emission regulations.

Environmental Compliance with SORG VSM® Melter

To comply with the Chinese government’s new emission regulations, SORG supplied a VSM® type all-electric melter. This new melter, with a melting surface of around 20 square meters, ensures the production of soda-lime flint glass suitable for AC and DC insulators.

SGORG’s Commitment to Quality and Service

Nanjing Electric praised SGORG’s outstanding technical expertise, consultation, and support throughout the project. Their partnership has been cemented through exceptional technology and customer service, further solidifying SGORG’s position as a trusted provider in the glass industry.

Source: Nanjing Electric Insulator Co., Ltd with additional information added by Apazone

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