Bucher Automation: The Evolution of Jetter and Futronic

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Bucher Automation: Uniting Control and Automation Specialists for a Stronger Future

In a significant step towards integration, control and automation specialists Jetter and futronic, already part of Bucher Industries for a decade, will undergo a rebranding process on July 1, 2023. As they adopt the group’s layout, the companies will be known as Bucher Automation, while retaining their independence within the Bucher Specials division.

Synergies and Independence

Bucher Industries, known for its decentralized management approach, brings together renowned brands and global market leaders under one umbrella. The inclusion of Jetter and futronic further strengthens the group’s expertise. Jetter CEO, Christian Benz, affirms that the companies will maintain their independence, emphasizing their importance in providing automation solutions to the larger Bucher Group.

Embracing the Benefits

The rebranding presents an opportunity for Jetter to leverage Bucher’s vast expertise and enjoy possible synergies within the group. Collaborative efforts have already proven successful in areas such as IT security and HR. Jetter sees Bucher’s well-established reputation as a door opener in the markets they serve, creating new growth prospects.

Uniting under Bucher Automation

As Bucher Automation, all companies within the Jetter Group, including Jetter AG, futronic, Jetter China, and Jetter Hungary, will operate jointly. This strategic alignment expands the solution portfolio, reinforcing the glass segment while introducing Jetter’s expertise in the recycling industry. The production sites in Ludwigsburg, Tettnang on Lake Constance, and Hungary will continue their operations.

A Bright Future Ahead

Jetter CEO, Christian Benz, views the rebranding as a remarkable opportunity for the company. With the new brand and the strong support of the Bucher Group, Jetter anticipates continued growth and success in their field. The integration under Bucher Automation enables Jetter to harness the power of collaboration and leverage the diverse range of products and solutions offered by the Bucher Group.

Continuity and Expansion

Customers of Bucher Automation can look forward to an even broader range of innovative products and solutions. The integration will not affect the operations of Jetter Group’s production locations, ensuring continuity and preserving the high-quality standards they are known for.

Bucher Automation’s rebranding marks a significant milestone in the journey of Jetter and futronic, as they join forces with the strong Bucher Group. Together, they aim to shape the future of control and automation technologies, providing cutting-edge solutions for industries worldwide.

Source: Bucher Industries with additional information added by Apazone

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