British Glass and WRAP Unveil Ambitious Roadmap for 90% Glass Recycling by 2030

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Paving the Way to Sustainability: British Glass and WRAP Chart a Visionary Course for Glass Recycling in the UK

In a groundbreaking collaboration, British Glass, in partnership with WRAP, presents a visionary roadmap aimed at achieving an ambitious 90 percent glass recycling capture rate by 2030. The comprehensive initiative not only sets a bold target but also focuses on increasing closed-loop recycling, promoting sustainability, and embracing circular economy principles within the UK’s glass packaging industry. The report, titled “A Roadmap to Closed Loop Glass Recycling,” delves into the current state of glass recycling in the UK, identifying key areas for improvement and highlighting untapped potential.

The UK boasts a glass recycling rate exceeding 75 percent, but the report reveals that around 600,000 tonnes of glass find their way into residual waste annually, emphasizing the need for strategic interventions. Dr. Nick Kirk, Technical Director of British Glass, emphasizes the urgency of achieving a 90 percent glass recycling capture rate for a sustainable future in the glass industry. The roadmap serves as a strategic guide for stakeholders in the glass supply chain, providing tangible steps for implementation.

Dr. Kirk states, “Support and collaboration are key in ensuring glass is correctly and efficiently collected and recycled, and this report is a great platform to work from.” The report not only addresses technical aspects of recycling but also underscores the importance of communication campaigns. Raising awareness among consumers and businesses about the benefits of glass recycling becomes crucial to optimizing glass capture rates and advancing towards a circular economy.

As the UK prepares to implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations and other legislative measures to enhance resource efficiency, British Glass remains committed to supporting stakeholders in navigating these changes. The roadmap stands as a testament to the industry’s dedication to maximizing the potential for glass recycling, aligning with broader sustainability goals.

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