Breaking News: Unveiling the Spectacular 29th Windoor Facade Expo in Vibrant Guangzhou!

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Breaking News: The 29th Windoor Facade Expo Sets the Stage for Innovation in Guangzhou!

Guangzhou witnessed a groundbreaking event as the 29th Windoor Facade Expo took center stage from April 7-9, 2023. This highly anticipated exhibition brought together over 700 exhibitors and renowned brands, sprawling across an expansive 100,000 square meters of exhibition space. With an expected turnout of 100,000 enthusiastic visitors, the Windoor Facade Expo showcased over 1,000 exceptional designs, cutting-edge technologies, revolutionary products, and game-changing materials encompassing the entire window, door, and facade supply chain.

Elevating the Construction Industry: Uniting under the “Forward Together” Theme

In 2023, against the backdrop of the National Two Sessions, the construction industry embraced strategic objectives such as green and low-carbon initiatives, intelligent construction, urban renewal, and high-quality development. The Windoor Facade Expo, under the banner of “Forward Together,” bolstered the industry’s confidence in progress and innovation. With a firm commitment to driving high-quality advancements, the expo played a vital role in the comprehensive upgrade of the window, door, and facade sector.

8 Dynamic Sectors Unveiling the Future of Window, Door, and Facade Industry

  1. Polaris Awarded Products: Showcasing cutting-edge buildings, designs, products, technologies, and trends, the prestigious Polaris Award featured 47 exceptional products out of 279 entries in 2023. The jury, composed of authoritative figures from various construction sectors, meticulously selected these groundbreaking innovations.
  2. Window Door System: A dedicated sector featuring a wide array of window and door products launched between 2022 and 2023. From soundproof and wind-resistant solutions to intelligent security systems and more, this sector exemplified the pinnacle of functionality and design.
  3. Facade Materials: Exploring diverse facade materials, this sector unveiled an expansive palette of possibilities for architectural projects. From UHPC and fiber cement board to architectural glass and metal facades, these materials offered endless potential for creative expression.
  4. Aluminum Profiles and Insulation Products: Showcasing renowned brands specializing in aluminum profiles, this sector brought together industry leaders like Xingfa Aluminum, JMA Aluminum Profile Factory, and Fenglu Aluminum. These exhibitors demonstrated exceptional expertise and innovation.
  5. Hardware Equipment for Window, Door, and Facade: Presenting intelligent and refined hardware solutions, this sector featured leading brands like FISCHER, KINLONG, and 3H. These exhibitors showcased the latest advancements in hardware technology.
  6. Window, Door, and Facade Equipment: This sector provided cutting-edge solutions for upgrading traditional manufacturing processes. From precision tools and machinery to surface treatments and coating technologies, exhibitors revolutionized the manufacturing landscape.
  7. Structural Sealant and Adhesives: Gathering leading manufacturers, this sector highlighted the crucial role of sealants and adhesives in ensuring structural integrity and durability. Notable participants included HANGZHOUZHIJIANG SILICONE CHEMICALS and JOINTAS CHEMICAL, among others.
  8. Fireproof Facade and Fire Resistance Materials: Showcasing innovations in fire safety, this sector featured a range of fire-resistant products such as doors, glass, paints, seals, and strips. These advancements promoted enhanced safety and resilience in building design.

Concurrent Event – The Architecture Technology Conference: Unveiling Cutting-edge Construction Trends

Running parallel to the expo, The Architecture Technology Conference provided a platform for industry experts to delve into crucial topics such as green initiatives, intelligent buildings, tough design, and technological innovations. With up to 200 experts in attendance, the conference facilitated the exchange of new designs, technologies, products, and materials, shaping the future of the global construction industry.

About Windoor Facade Expo and Jianke Citiexpo Co., Ltd

Organized by Citiexpo, Windoor Facade Expo stands as an annual hallmark event in Guangzhou. Spanning 100,000 square meters, this expansive expo offers a comprehensive platform for the facade industry, showcasing innovative solutions and attracting esteemed real estate developers, contractors, facade designers, and key opinion leaders. Jianke Citiexpo Co., Ltd, a joint venture under Informa Markets (Informa Plc), the world’s leading exhibitions organizer, is responsible for organizing the Windoor Facade Expo and the Architecture Technology Conference in Guangzhou each year.

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