Breaking News: Hartung Glass Industries Introduces the DFI FuseCube™ Express

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Hartung Glass Industries Enhances Glass Solutions with Diamon-Fusion® Coating

Hartung Glass Industries has partnered with Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) to introduce Diamon-Fusion® protective coating to its product offering across its North American manufacturing facilities. This innovative coating will be applied using the advanced technology of the FuseCube™ Express at three manufacturing locations, ensuring high-quality application and delivering an array of low-maintenance glass benefits to customers.

Diamon-Fusion®: A Lasting Solution

Diamon-Fusion® provides customers with an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on both sides of the glass, offering protection against stains and reducing cleaning time. Backed by lifetime warranties on residential surfaces and 15-year warranties on commercial surfaces, this cutting-edge coating chemically bonds to the glass, ensuring lasting performance and resistance to UV rays.

Expanded Offerings: A Value-Added Proposition

Hartung and Agalite will now extend the Diamon-Fusion® coating to their shower doors and glass railings, offering customers new value-added solutions for their glass products. The addition of the FuseCube™ Express and the proven benefits of Diamon-Fusion® will be an excellent offering for customers in the single-family and multi-family residential segments who seek low-maintenance glass solutions.

A Strong Partnership: Commitment to Excellence

Nick D. Sciola, CEO of Hartung Glass Industries, expressed excitement about the partnership with DFI, stating, “The coating also enhances our appeal to both the single-family and multi-family residential segments who desire low-maintenance solutions for their glass products.”

Syndi Sim, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Diamon-Fusion International, added, “We look forward to a successful partnership.”

About Hartung Glass Industries

With 99 years of experience, Hartung Glass Industries is North America’s largest independent custom glass fabricator. Committed to delivering high-performance glass solutions, Hartung offers a comprehensive range of glass products, providing innovative solutions to enhance design and functionality.

For more information about Hartung Glass Industries or Diamon-Fusion International, please visit or, respectively.

Source: Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. with additional information added by Apazone

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